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any of several kinds of reproduction without fertilization

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In addition, observations of gametophytes have been found crucial in determining modes of reproduction especially the occurrence of apomixis (= apogamous reproduction) in ferns (e.
The new discovery gets to the same result as apomixis, although by a different route, Chan said.
Department of Agriculture Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant of $70,000 to initiate development of apomixis for crops.
Apomixis is an asexual type of reproduction in which the plant embryos grow from egg cells without being fertilized by pollen--the male part of the plant.
The apomixis gene has evolved as a survival trait of last resort in higher plants that reproduce by seed; when pollination fails, apomictic plants simply create seeds that become clones of their parents.
has international pioneer patents (variously allowed and pending) for its ApoSync(TM) technology, which confers, stabilizes and controls apomixis (natural cloning of hybrid plants through their own seed).
Other topics include orthology and functional conservation in eukaryotes, mammalian meiotic recombination hot spots, epigenetic control of centromere behavior, Mendelian genetics of apomixis in plants, and immunoglobulin somatic hypermutatoin.
Hence, cleistogamy differs from asexual systems such as apomixis, in which double fertilization is not required
The new corn varieties developed with apomixis display better resistance to cold and insects and are more tolerant of drought and flooding.
Apomixis has been related to species of hybrid origin, allowing reproduction even in the presence of different genomes.
We've already crossed corn and gamagrass and generated hybrids that reproduce by apomixis, which is asexually, through seed.
His contributions run the gamut from studies of chromosome numbers and apomixis in Bommeria E.
1987); apomixis in angiosperms constitutes forms of apogamy (cf.
Chromosome numbers and apomixis in the fern genus Bommeria (Gymnogrammaceae).