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any of several kinds of reproduction without fertilization

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Facultative apomixis and chromosome doubling are sources of heterogeneity in citrus rootstock trials: Impact on clementine production and breeding selection.
Quantitative RT-PCR analysis showed that MSI1 gene is an apomixis related gene in Taraxacum and express at full-bloom flowering stage.
Subjects addressed include: endosperm development, epigenetic control of seed gene imprinting, apomixis, high-throughput genetic dissection of seed dormancy, improving grain quality, legume seed and cotton fiber genomics, genomic changes in response to 110 cycles of selection for seed protein and oil concentration in maize, and the machine vision for seed phenomics.
We also attempted to set up an apomixis treatment, but to implement the treatment, flowers needed to be emasculated and left un-pollinated and covered with a mesh bag to prevent access by floral visitors.
Mangosteen is an obligate apomixis seeds, the embryo develop from nusellus cells in the ovule tissue.
Conduct library research to learn more about at least three of the following: parthenogenesis, apomixis, gynogenesis, pseudogamy, facultative parthenogenesis, cyclical parthenogenesis, heterogony, thelytoky, arrhenotoky, parthenocarpy, and apomictic parthenogenesis.
All the sporangia we measured spores from had 32 spores per sporangium, a condition that typically indicates apomixis (asexuality), but apparently not so in Cosentinia (Badre & Reichstein 1983).
Other plants, especially weeds such as hawkweed and dandelions, can produce true seeds that are clones of themselves without sexual reproduction -- a still poorly understood process called apomixis.
This reduction in parental legacy has been termed the cost of meiosis (Williams, 1975) and can be avoided by selfing via self-fertilization, the fusion of gametes from the same individual; by automixis, the activation of a meiotically divided cell (see Mogie, 1986); or by apomixis, a process particular to angiosperms and gymnosperms where seeds form without the need of meiosis and fertilization (see Bicknell and Koltunow, 2004).
Los citricos tienen un sistema de reproduccion complejo, con muchos casos de esterilidad y de inter y autocompatibilidad, apomixis, elevada heterocigosis y la mayoria de las especies presentan un prolongado periodo juvenil.
Other key topics include reproduction, renewal, propagation, amphimixis, apomixis, reproductive effort, reproductive success, potential seed productivity, and real seed productivity.
109) The research on apomixis conducted by the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (known by its Spanish acronym CIMMYT), one of the CGIAR Future Harvest Centers, provides an example of this gradual shift.