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any of several kinds of reproduction without fertilization

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(Euphorbiaceae) exhibits a mixed mating system, high correlated mating and apomixis. Tree Genetics & Genomes, Heidelberg, v.9, p.1089-1097, 2013.
Chen, "An investigation on possible occurrence of apomixis in black pepper (Piper nigrum L.)," in Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Environment, Agriculture and Food Sciences, pp.
Sin embargo, las mutaciones son de lento avance en la poblacion, especialmente si tienen valor selectivo o afectan otros atributos, por lo que un incremento de la frecuencia de alelos noveles en una poblacion requiere muchas generaciones, especialmente si esta ya esta fragmentada y posee estrategias reproductivas limitadas por la endogamia y tipo reproductivo: cleistogamia, apogamia, autoincompatibilidad, casmogamia, apomixis, entre otros (Rogers, 2004).
Self-compatibility resulting from geitonogamous crosses was observed in Dorstenia arifolia, yet no fruit development by apomixis was observed (Table 1).
2013), se encuentra frecuentemente asociada al proceso de apomixis, debido a la esterilidad producida por la herencia polisomica y los apareamientos cromosomicos irregulares (Haufler 1985, Rabe & Haufler 1992, Tindale & Roy 2002, Windham & Yatskievych 2003).
Apomixis is a genetically determined type of asexual reproduction in angiosperms that results in the production of viable seed from maternal tissues in the absence of meiosis and fertilization.
Alternative approaches to a given breeding problem, such as transgenics, cisgenics, apomixis, gene editing, and genomic and marker-assisted selection, could each create different patterns of benefits and risks (social, political, economic, and cultural, as well as biophysical and ecological), depending on how and where they might be applied.
Finalmente existe la posibilidad que las semillas (o una parte de ellas) se hayan formado por apomixis, un evento comun en varias especies de la familia Asteracea que sin embargo no ha sido reportado en ninguna de las especies del genero Smallanthus (Noyes, 2007).
Plants have the ability to propagate though asexual means, such as vegetative apomixis or via in planta somatic embryogenesis, as long as the parent plant is still alive [15, 16].
Subjects addressed include: endosperm development, epigenetic control of seed gene imprinting, apomixis, high-throughput genetic dissection of seed dormancy, improving grain quality, legume seed and cotton fiber genomics, genomic changes in response to 110 cycles of selection for seed protein and oil concentration in maize, and the machine vision for seed phenomics.
We also attempted to set up an apomixis treatment, but to implement the treatment, flowers needed to be emasculated and left un-pollinated and covered with a mesh bag to prevent access by floral visitors.
Mangosteen is an obligate apomixis seeds, the embryo develop from nusellus cells in the ovule tissue.
Conduct library research to learn more about at least three of the following: parthenogenesis, apomixis, gynogenesis, pseudogamy, facultative parthenogenesis, cyclical parthenogenesis, heterogony, thelytoky, arrhenotoky, parthenocarpy, and apomictic parthenogenesis.
All the sporangia we measured spores from had 32 spores per sporangium, a condition that typically indicates apomixis (asexuality), but apparently not so in Cosentinia (Badre & Reichstein 1983).