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Synonyms for apomictic

of or relating to a plant that reproduces by apomixis


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(of reproduction) not involving the fusion of male and female gametes in reproduction

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The individuals were obtained by crossing four progenitors: sexual mother plants S10 and S12 and the apomictic cultivars 'Mombaca' and 'Tanzania', which were pollen donors.
Whether the initiation of endosperm development in mutant MSI1 is linked to formation of autonomous endosperm in apomictic plants need to be further confirmed.
Ultimately, it remains to be determined how best to taxonomically treat these highly clonal, possibly apomictic, forms.
Multiple direct transitions from sexual reproduction to apomictic parthenogenesis in Timema stick insects.
Difference in competence for in vitro proliferation and ex vitro growth of genetically identical mature and juvenile clones of apomictic malus species hafeez.
Conduct library research to learn more about at least three of the following: parthenogenesis, apomixis, gynogenesis, pseudogamy, facultative parthenogenesis, cyclical parthenogenesis, heterogony, thelytoky, arrhenotoky, parthenocarpy, and apomictic parthenogenesis.
Aleza P, Juarez J, Ollitrault P, Navarro L (2009) Production of tetraploid plants of non apomictic citrus genotypes.
Utilization of apomictic and dioecious method of reproduction in breeding of Poa sp.
Apomictic plants are usually adapted to microhabitats, which could explain, in part, the fact that D.