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of or relating to a plant that reproduces by apomixis


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(of reproduction) not involving the fusion of male and female gametes in reproduction

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Ultimately, it remains to be determined how best to taxonomically treat these highly clonal, possibly apomictic, forms.
The hybrid H8 resulted from a cross between a S8 sexual (female genitor) with the KK10 apomictic plant (male genitor).
After more than 5 years of research using both classical and molecular breeding methods, Kindiger and a team of research associates successfully developed apomictic corn plants that look, grow, and taste like corn.
Seeds from apomictic plants, however, yield successive generations with the same characteristics as the original hybrid parent.
Uniquely human commitments to loyalty or compassion (even when they represent what we demand of ourselves as a prerequisite for self-respect) are viewed from this perspective as quaint and parochial, a poor substitute for apomictic, canonical moral formulae.
Apomyx plans to enter into strategic alliances with seed companies and to develop innovative apomictic seed products for worldwide distribution and sale.
The study also provided evidence supporting apomictic reproduction in this species by noting the presence of antheridia but the absence of archegonia.
Apomictic corn could revolutionize agriculture by giving scientists a tool for developing improved plant varieties to retain desired traits.
This apomictic triploid species is here renamed Myriopteris windhamii.
though these populations do not contain apomictic plants and consist of
In apomictic plants, embryos grow from cells without being fertilized by pollen from males, thus preventing introduction of undesired traits.
In apomictic plants, the embryos grow from vegetative cells without being fertilized by pollen, which contains the male sperm in plants.
affinis, on the contrary, presented low genetic diversity and it has an apomictic reproductive cycle.