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Synonyms for apology

apology for something or someone


  • mockery of
  • excuse for
  • imitation of
  • caricature of
  • travesty of
  • poor substitute for

Synonyms for apology

a statement of acknowledgment expressing regret or asking pardon

a statement that justifies or defends something, such as a past action or policy

Synonyms for apology

an expression of regret at having caused trouble for someone

a formal written defense of something you believe in strongly

a poor example

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Undertaking with an unconditional apology was filed by the media group.
Justice Khosa said that word apology is not in the reply and gave the reporter half an hour to consider this point and submit a written statement.
During course of proceedings, Kamran Murtaza cousel for the Senator submitted unconditional apology on behalf of his client but the bench raised objections on the words used in the submission.
He said his ministry was not aware of any apology to the Chief Justice and therefore he would not know of any acceptance or non-acceptance thereof.
Continue reading "Unorthodox's Yom Kippur Apology Episode, With Mark Osler, Vanessa Zoltan, Ari Kohen, and More" at.
Vice Ganda made the much-awaited apology on 'It's Showtime' today following Calvento's rage, after the comedian made a reference on the veteran journalist in an interview with a 'Tawag Ng Tanghalan' segment contestant, in a previous episode of the noontime show.
Having said that, there is one exception where an apology is given in writing and the recipient of a genuine complaint will send an apology but they support that with a gift, or gift token.
Wise men say that an apology stems from a wisdom that far surpasses power.
Negotiating and uttering a national apology about war-time activities is especially challenging and sensitive, charged with strategic implications.
Victims will find it easier to receive an apology for a wrong they have suffered following the passage of a new law in the Scottish Parliament.
His five major arguments are: the oguilted ageo exists; two types of apologies have emerged and that one has evolved from the other; each type of apology--political and historical--has a particular dynamic and strategy; these apologies address a particular metaphysical question: the question of what apology and forgiveness do to the past event they respectively apologize for and forgive; there might be a telling categorical error that explains what these apologies are attempting and frequently fail to do.
When the Government says "no apology", to me it means no apology for more children being plunged into poverty, no apology for them dying younger, no apology for their educational attainment being badly affected, and no apology for their poor mental health.
A dilemma arises because, where the law offers no protection, such an apology has the potential to be used as an admission by the apologizee to help prove liability against the apologizer.
the general goal of the CCSARP investigation is to establish patterns of request and apology realizations under different social constraints across a number of languages and cultures, including both native and nonnative varieties.