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a short moral story (often with animal characters)

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To all these layers of meaning, we should add those associated with the Grail--the search of the Holy Grail represents an important moment of the Arthurian cycle, and the story of "Mad Trist," from Edgar Poe's apologue, relates to this tradition, which combines the symbolism of the quest with that of the King-Fisher, the guardian of the precious chalice.
Joeckel manages to explain certain facets of Lewis' literary turn after the Anscombe debate in reference to the function of these works as apologue.
For such an insect, life is an amorphous apologue of perceptions without connection, except those that pragmatically drive it from place to place.
Il le souligne d'ailleurs clairement dans un long passage oE il rappelle l'importance des signes sur la construction d'une identite: [beaucoup moins que]Si je croyais aux signes, je trouverais cette traversee exemplaire et j'en ferais un apologue pour l'endoctrinement pueril des generations a venir.
Coming after the busy Telemachiad and the furious, Poseidonsent storm in Book 5 that all but drowns the hero on the one side, and before the athletic games in Book 7 and Odysseus's tales of his fantastic adventures, the so-called apologue that comprise Books 8 through 12 on the other, Book 6 slows down and takes time to develop, amply, and with a fine delicacy of feeling, Odysseus's encounter with an adolescent girl, the princess Nausikaa.
As Edward Tomarken points out, after "nearly two and a half centuries of almost continuous dispute, critics are still unable to decide whether Rasselas is a novel, oriental tale, or apologue and whether its conclusion is to be seen in religious or secular terms" (5).
He gives his work the flavor of an apologue based on real events and thus having maximal educational effect.
Lewis and the Art of the Apologue," proposes that considering The Screwtape Letters and The Great Divorce as apologues (works "organized as a fictional example of the truth of a formulable statement or a series of such statements," quoting Sheldon Sacks, a sort of "moral allegory" [72]) rather as than novels or fantasies can correct certain critical misunderstandings about their structure, characterization, and plot, and provide the reader with a better set of criteria by which to judge their success against the rules and conventions of this specific genre.
The best known realization of this topos is Nietzsche's apologue about "the death of God.
The prototypical parable differs from the apologue in that it is an inherently probable and realistic story, taking place in some familiar setting of life.
Chapter twelve contains an analysis of "Some Illustrations of the Unicorn Apologue from Barlaam and loasaph", written with the late Ruth Pitman, in which careful attention is paid to illuminations in manuscripts now in the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, Bibliotheque Royale, Brussels, and the British Library, London.
In the first major adventure of his apologue, therefore, he caters to their preferences by portraying his arch-foes as abhorring the very form of social discourse in which the Phaeacians exult.
Il n'en demeure pas moins que si l'on ote a ces propos de 1941 leur dimension theologique, encore une fois probablement contrainte par le lieu oo il ecrit (car il est alors beaucoup plus proche de l'atheologie de Bataille), et ainsi, en un sens, strategiquement judicieuse, le choix du petit apologue de Filippo Lippi manifeste une position de resistance.
In this satirical apologue, the old lady fails to understand the poet's language and accuses him of using a kind of vocabulary that was not common in her day.
Samuel Johnson writes in his biography of John Gay: "A Fable or an Apologue .