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Synonyms for apologise

defend, explain, clear away, or make excuses for by reasoning

acknowledge faults or shortcomings or failing


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If you've been upset by the headline, I can only apologise.
Security Bank wishes to apologise for the inconvenience this delay may have caused our valued customers.
We also ask that all church members who committed genocide come up and apologise, there are priests and nuns who were accused of genocide and we ask that they apologise too," he said.
A campaigner has called for the Scots Catholic Church to apologise for their part in the forced adoption of babies from single mums.
Guardiola demanded Toure apologise before he would consider picking him again.
However the refusal of the Deputy Health Minister to apologise to patients for excessive waiting times for a basket of treatments needs commenting on.
The BJP leader has asked Kejriwal to apologise for his remark within three days.
And so I would agree with Nick Clegg and with the leadership of the party that he should apologise.
George North apologises to Will Genia for showboating celebrations in first test | He had no need to apologise but the fact that he did just goes to show what a decent lad he is.
Gardiner, who was a prison officer in Bristol for 11 years before working in the care sector, said as he left court: "At the time it was misguided, I was trying to do the right thing and I ended up doing wrong and I would apologise for that.
In an earlier interview with Sky News, she made no attempt to apologise and said that her comments had been interpreted "maliciously".
In an earlier interview, she made no attempt to apologise and said that her comments had been interpreted "maliciously".
I've already apologised to the manager, TC (assistant manager Terry Connor) and the boys, but I'd also like to apologise to the supporters, especially the ones that travelled up to Wigan.
Mr McCracken telephoned parents of those children most seriously affected by the outbreak to apologise for delays within the HPA.