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Synonyms for apology

apology for something or someone


  • mockery of
  • excuse for
  • imitation of
  • caricature of
  • travesty of
  • poor substitute for

Synonyms for apology

a statement of acknowledgment expressing regret or asking pardon

a statement that justifies or defends something, such as a past action or policy

Synonyms for apology

an expression of regret at having caused trouble for someone

a formal written defense of something you believe in strongly

a poor example

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For example, Langer (1978) states that apologies and remorse evoke an automatic, scripted reaction that benefits the apologizer.
Sarah Ahmed identifies that in official apologies, "national shame can be a mechanism for reconciliation as self-reconciliation, in which the 'wrong' committed provides grounds for claiming a national identity, for restoring pride that is threatened in the moment of recognition".
Two apologies at once would make it look like everything's unraveling," said a senior U.
De Cremer also cited banks' behaviour during the recent global financial crisis as an example of apologies.
The studies were conducted among Americans who ranked various celebrity apologies on a scale based on levels of sincerity.
I'm not one for getting public apologies from public bodies when the damage is done.
The only apologies due are from leaders like the bishop of Saskatoon, who recently cancelled a concert because some members of his community expressed fear at the prospect of hearing music produced by gay vocal cords, and from the authors of the Windsor Report who, instead of seeking apologies from those who have hurt the gay and lesbian members of our community, have asked for apologies from those who accept the principle that it is immoral to discriminate against others on the basis of sexual orientation.
But while the apologies might be genuine, and for some they surely bring a small measure of relief, they won't do much to heal the wounds that decades of unchecked abuse have caused.
But others rule out apologies simply because of a human reluctance to admit error.
Some apologies have the power to heal and restore damaged relationships, avoid or undo vengeance and grudges, and diminish guilt and shame.
Survivors and relatives of those killed in the worst terrorist outrage committed on the British mainland said the scars were too deep to be soothed by apologies and condolences.
I made that up, but having made a few insincere apologies in my own secular lifetime, I recognize transparency when I see through it.
We accept responsibility for and offer our sincerest apologies for the infringement of the copyrights in Frank Zappa's work `Watermelon in Easter Hay' and for the infringement of the moral rights in this work.
I express regret over my comments I passed during a media talk and unconditionally apologies for uttering the remarks which led to cancellation of my licence for the law practice," said Awan's petition filed in the court on behalf of Raja Abdul Ghafoor Advocate-on-Record.
Washington, June 3 (ANI): Apologies can play a far more important role than just comforting you - a little sorry can help settle legal disputes, says a new American study.