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the branch of theology that is concerned with the defense of Christian doctrines

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The first two thirds of the twentieth century was a golden age of apologetics in England.
Apologetics (from Greek and meaning "speaking in defense") is the discipline of defending a position (often religious) through the systematic use of information.
This has led to an entirely new literature of apologetics: Orthoprax apologetics.
Written by James Beilby, an Evangelical, this book is not a primer in apologetics but instead offers a kind of prolegomena to apologetics, a defense of the Christian faith.
Formal classification into a genre of Latin apologetics may be a step too far, he says, but clear threads of a developing apologetic tradition can be noted from lines of influence stretching through the texts under examination.
In the introduction, Kahlos discusses some classic interpretive problems posed by early Christian apologetics.
explains that Plantinga, more an epistemologist than an apologist, has preferred negative apologetics (arguments against those who challenge belief) to positive apologetics (arguments aimed at persuading others to believe).
McGrath is president of the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics and professor of historical theology at Oxford University.
Doesn't the sacramentalization of the other silence the other and require a good dose of apologetics to balance the scales?
Lewis was the most influential Christian apologist of the 20th century, and Christian apologetics began on that starry Bethlehem night when shepherds abiding in the fields and keeping watch over their flocks by night discovered that the glory of the Lord was shining round about them, and heard the voice of an angel proclaim: "Unto you is born this day in the City of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
format of this section is reminiscent of pre-Vatican II apologetics.
Interest is sustained by thought-filled examinations of biblical precepts all of which are artfully couched in an entertaining fictionalization of what might be called an atheist's apologetics.
For those who do not know, Karl Keating is the president of Catholic Answers, which describes itself as "the largest Catholic apologetics and evangelization organization in the U.
Yet by overemphasizing the positive aspects of the music, Lewis suffers from the tendency of the fanzines he once wrote for to valorize that which is good in the music while engaging in apologetics when addressing its more unsavory trends, like its incessant--and arguably growing--misogyny, and its sometimes relentless glorification of violence.
Rooted in scholarship of considerable breadth and depth, the book reveals a thorough knowledge of where the enterprise of apologetics has travelled over the centuries, together with a clear appreciation of the contemporary intellectual climate and its peculiarities.