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Synonyms for apologetic

Synonyms for apologetic

expressing or inclined to express an apology

a statement that justifies or defends something, such as a past action or policy

Synonyms for apologetic

offering or expressing apology



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Maher Khalil and Anase Ayad were boarding the Southwest Airlines plane, but a company employee informed them apologetically that they were not allowed to board the plane as another passenger heard them speaking in Arabic and is afraid of being on the flight with them.
Apologetically, I explained the situation, the fast changing information and how the lady had cataracts.
In the end it was about survival for me" The 16-times champion wasn't having to excel himself as van der Voort struggled and raised his hands apologetically as he took advantage of errors to go 2-0 up.
Conductor Stephen Bell, wearing a black shirt, black trousers and black shoes, looked apologetically over his shoulder and admitted: "I have never felt so under-dressed".
His writings reflect his latent anti-Americanism (although he forgives English imperialism), which Diederich apologetically excuses as "sympathy for the underdog.
Initially on the bench, Gotze came on early in the second half and, 10 minutes later, he had the ball in the back of the net, raising his hands apologetically.
Only 6% of the respondents say they have no taboo against smacking in public: many a harassed parent can be seen apologetically slapping a tot in a park or supermarket.
Sadly, perhaps due to the month's events, there was no shawarma ready, and I was told very apologetically that it would take 45 minutes to make.
Yeh, I'd had a couple of beers," said Warner apologetically, as he went off for anger management lessons.
COLDPLAY: RICOH ARENA, COVENTRY AT the turn of the millennium, Coldplay stumbled apologetically into the limelight, four skinny, sensitive chaps whose songs walked a tightrope between mercurial and mawkish.
I just love him so much,' one of the mums in the playground tells me almost apologetically as she heads off to watch the online teaser clip of the Elle cover shoot starring 37-year-old Mr Beckham.
To say it is not overused would be an understatement," our spokesman suggested apologetically.
This was, so a kindly worker told me, an emergency excavation because a gas leak had been detected and needed locating but he added, apologetically, that he wasn''t sure whether the road would be open again for Monday mor ning.
During these tirades, I turn to fellow supporters and smile apologetically.
I hated couscous, tofu, stuffed peppers, lentils and ratatouille, which used to be the staple offerings at restaurants - or if you apologetically mentioned it to a mate who'd invited you round for dinner.