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To be sure, in its previonsly established histories, the medium was described as a shifting series of mechanical processes or as a sequence of images performing social services, apolitically defined.
For the most part, he wanted to govern apolitically, perched above the political fray, rather than engaging in the "horsetrading" and "logrolling" that generally characterize American politics.
The new city clusters did not emerge from residents apolitically and aseptically sorting themselves into discrete bundles of service preferences as the public choice model suggests, or as a defensive response to annexation.
23) The first critical assumption is that private funds are purely commercial in the sense that they act apolitically.
It also quoted the opinion of Katja Yafimava, a senior analyst at Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, that apolitically itas very difficult for the Commission to support South Stream as this might be seen as depriving Ukraine of its leverage toward Russia.
The carving up of historical Palestine to excise the bulk of its territory for an imported unequivocally foreign population at the expense of the indigenous society was recognized not to be apolitically legitimate action.
In this high-profile case, it is critical for Malaysia to apply the rule of law fairly, transparently, and apolitically in order to promote confidence in Malaysia's democracy and judiciary," she said.
Rather, India remains a vibrant pluralist democracy thanks to, among other things, the armed forces' commitment to behaving apolitically and according to meritocratic principles.
Similarly they claim that a local community group could run into dif-ficulties if they campaigned for or against a proposed bypass and a local candidate subsequently expressed a view on the issue, even if the group had acted apolitically.
It has not figured out how to make political authorities interpret and enforce political restrictions apolitically, or how to prevent majorities and authorities from turning restrictions to majoritarian and authoritarian ends.
But as Collins rightly notes, women poets also used "authentic" Irish modes apolitically in order to stake out a distinctive literary identity in the English market.
According to Kim, Luke does not think that the redemption Jesus has brought has to do with the overthrowing of the Roman imperial system or replacing it with apolitically independent government of Israel (95).
As the Nation prepares to choose its next President and other elected leaders this year, it is particularly important to remember that one of the core tenets of our profession is that we serve apolitically under civilian authority, regardless of which person or political party is in power.
Chairperson BISP said that like its work in Pakistan, BISP is serving the poor and downtrodden in AJK apolitically on a similar patron as in rest of Pakistan.
The trauma of Fascism and Gentile's Actual Idealism manifested itself differently among Italian thinkers who wished to persevere, albeit apolitically, in a positive revaluation of the Italian philosophical tradition.