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57) Notwithstanding this assessment of the neutral impact of SWFs, they still have difficulty convincing outsiders that they will act apolitically.
Supreme Court were acting apolitically when they concluded that foreign litigants should not use American courtrooms for human rights violations that take place overseas.
In this high-profile case, it is critical for Malaysia to apply the rule of law fairly, transparently, and apolitically in order to promote confidence in Malaysia's democracy and judiciary," she said.
president ilham aliev implemented the idea by hosting such apolitically oriented discourses inviting largest groups of intellectuals worldwide.
Rather, India remains a vibrant pluralist democracy thanks to, among other things, the armed forces' commitment to behaving apolitically and according to meritocratic principles.
Similarly they claim that a local community group could run into dif-ficulties if they campaigned for or against a proposed bypass and a local candidate subsequently expressed a view on the issue, even if the group had acted apolitically.
It has not figured out how to make political authorities interpret and enforce political restrictions apolitically, or how to prevent majorities and authorities from turning restrictions to majoritarian and authoritarian ends.
But as Collins rightly notes, women poets also used "authentic" Irish modes apolitically in order to stake out a distinctive literary identity in the English market.
According to Kim, Luke does not think that the redemption Jesus has brought has to do with the overthrowing of the Roman imperial system or replacing it with apolitically independent government of Israel (95).
Aware of the social and political realities of the Jim Crow South, Washington sought to promote racial progress apolitically, via black self-improvement obtained through education and the habits of self-command, avoiding actively antagonizing white leaders.
Dior himself, a man who made it through the Occupation quietlyand far more apolitically than his enthusiastically collaborative colleagues Chanel and Vuittondressing the fashionable wives of rich S.
12 -- Friends, Indians, fellow citizens, lend me your ears, not to a Mark Antony-line of funeral oration but to a wake up call from a concerned fellow citizen being a student of political science perceives things apolitically for the greater common good of our beloved country.
They can function amorally or immorally, apolitically or very politically indeed--as the gyrations surrounding News Corp in the United Kingdom currently demonstrate.
Chairperson BISP said that like its work in Pakistan, BISP is serving the poor and downtrodden in AJK apolitically on a similar patron as in rest of Pakistan.