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politically neutral


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The aim of the contract is to contribute to building a professional, accountable and apolitical civil service at all levels in Kosovo by supporting the public administration through a scholarship programme that aims at improving the professional capacity of civil service to better service Kosovo citizens and meet the obligations arising from the SAA.
The organisers have claimed that the events are apolitical.
But, whilst we are an apolitical organisation that does not mean that we do not have views on how MEPs should stand up for the interests of small businesses in their constituency.
Protests against Nazi racism were stifled with stern Olympic lectures about the apolitical nature of sports.
Yochev warned that apolitical extremisma exists in the country, stating that riot police have been victims of auncalled-for aggressiona during the protests.
For over a year, since Islamists started ruling the country, no million-man march or protest occurred; even the relatively large protests against President Mohamed Morsi's constitutional declaration did not attract the poor or apolitical.
I WOULD assure Norman Brodin (Views of the North, November 25) that I am apolitical and only used Vera Baird as an example of the general low quality of the police commissioner candidates.
YENy DELHy (CyHAN)- Anna Hazare's aide Sunita Godara has said that the veteran activist would hold meetings with several organizations and volunteers to take his apolitical anti-corruption movement forward.
In a statement issued he said that lodging cases against peaceful protesters was not only undemocratic but apolitical too.
Klin will still not be an apolitical organization because it will have its own stances and views about the political and socio- economic issues," the press-release reads.
Just as profoundly, I believe that a professional armed force that maintains its separation from partisan politics--remaining apolitical at all times--is vital to the preservation of the union and to our way of life.
Despite outgoing Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki's statements that he withdrew from politics of his own will, the fact that there is no room in the new government for the three ministers responsible for European integration suggests that his replacement is not technical but has apolitical background too.
Therefore it is completely apolitical to meddle in a country's internal affairs as it is to present Hamlet's dilemma whether Macedonia will survive?
Setting monetary policy is most effectively done in an apolitical environment, Atlanta Fed President and Chief Executive Officer Dennis Lockhart said in a recent speech to the Downtown Atlanta Rotary.
Dame Vera, the forces sweetheart, is apolitical, was not consulted and has now ordered her lawyers to take action against the BNP.