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politically neutral


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He said Nigerian Army exercise should be supported to achieve the desired goal which will be beneficial to the entire country, stressing that the Nigerian Army under Lieutenant General Buratai has remained apolitical and can do without political distractions.
As the NPS, we are not the IEBC, we are not the Supreme Court, we only enforce law and order and we are apolitical.
Apolitical harmony has never been a presented fiction in European sports; instead, the accurate and presented picture is one of politically problematic disharmony.
Even in the first generation, however, there were indications that apolitical withdrawal was not merely submission in fancy theological dress.
As I settle into my role as president and CEO of this well-respected defense industry association, rest assured that we will continue our long-honored tradition of being an apolitical organization.
KARACHI -- Corps Commander Karachi Lieutenant General Naveed Mukhtar on Friday said the ongoing operation against criminal elements in the city was completely apolitical and indiscriminate.
As we lend full support to both army and police, let these security organs remain apolitical in order to carry out their tasks successfully Salam concluded.
In short, most Germans appear as victims of the Hitler regime, and the Smiths' German friendships prove noblesse oblige and corroborate the colonel's contention that he was an apolitical soldier.
Contract notice: Contribute to building a professional, accountable and apolitical civil service at all levels in Kosovo
NOTED human rights activist Khurram Parvez said the Sounth ( spring) Kashmir Literary Festival is not an apolitical show and sought the organisers to clear their stand on the programme.
16 -- As the promoters of the pioneering venture declared that their effort would remain independent and apolitical, Sri Lanka's first mass media outlet aimed at the country's 1.
NAB also wishes to assert itself as an independent and apolitical organization.
Given that the FSB is an apolitical organisation we do not have to take sides, but merely provide a forum for the candidates to set out their positions to our members, something that each of them did very eloquently.
John Roberts WHY don't the BBC have a fortnightly Welsh politics Question Time - get the likes of Lesley Griffiths, Bethan Jenkins, Darren Miller and Eluned Parrott on a panel with Huw Edwards chairing and apolitical guests from business, sports, the arts and actually let them answer direct questions from the public.
Yet Coubertin persisted in his dream of apolitical brotherhood.