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Synonyms for apogee

Synonyms for apogee

Synonyms for apogee

a final climactic stage


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apoapsis in Earth orbit

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The Apogee Photonics platform is available immediately and shipping samples to customers worldwide.
The Apogee Photonics EML lasers will be available for sample evaluation in early 2007 and, subject to ratification of the 100GbE IEEE standard, generally available as early as the second half of 2007.
CONTACT: Donald Goldfus, chairman and CEO, or William Gardner, treasurer of Apogee Enterprises, 612-835-1874; or Michael Rosenbaum of The Financial Relations Board, Inc.
As an APOGEE 2000 board member, Hopper will work with the management team on special projects relating to the development of APOGEE 2000 and its voice mail network.
Our organization has worked with Apogee Photonics since its inception and has watched it rapidly grow and expand.
The Apogee compilers generated code that efficiently uses the CS6400 system's scalable architecture, large shared memory, and fast I/O (input/output).
Demonstrated in IBM's booth at JavaOne on May 16 to May 18, the RedHatLinux/x86-targeted JRE is comprised of IBM's J2ME-compatible WEME product enhanced by Apogee for compliance with RTSJ and Apogee's RTSJ class library providing the RTSJ-specific Java APIs.
Johnston is a distributor of Apogee AGVS and is also the exclusive representative in Canada for Raymond fork trucks.
Everyone wins when customers self-service on the website," said Susan Gilbert, president of APOGEE Interactive.
Malin and Associates is a distributor of Apogee AGVS and is also the exclusive representative in Texas for Raymond fork trucks.
Apogee Software is proud to demonstrate three of its latest Aphelion(TM) Java Runtime Environments (JREs), created by Apogee for IBM from IBM's J2ME-compatible WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environments (WEMEs) Java technologies, in Wind River's and IBM's booths at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose April 4 through 6.
native who started his business career at age 12 during the Depression and went on to create one of Minnesota's more enduring businesses, Apogee Enterprises, Inc.
The 44 hectare Leoplan concession covers approximately 1,000 meters of strike extension of the Buena Vista vein system where Apogee has intersected high grade mineralization within surface trenches and diamond drilling (See Apogee Press Releases dated November 14, 2005, August 25, 2005 and June 23, 2005).
23 /PRNewswire/ -- Embarking on the company's largest project to date, Apogee Enterprises, Inc.
Apogee Photonics, supplier of the industry's broadest line of 10 Gb/s laser sources, today announced the addition of a complete line of industrial temperature range 10Gb/s laser sources.