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Synonyms for apogee

Synonyms for apogee

Synonyms for apogee

a final climactic stage


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apoapsis in Earth orbit

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On closing of the Proposed Transaction, Apogee shall appoint to its board of directors an individual nominated by Prophecy to serve as a director of Apogee.
APOGEE and Power Pilates also share a profound commitment to community.
The definition of new transceiver MSAs such as SFP+ requires many of our customers to make hard trade-offs in the number of transceiver products offered given engineering resource constraints," said Scott Keller, Apogee Photonics vice president of sales and marketing.
The key advantage of Apogee Photonics' 10Gb/s uncooled 1310nm EML is that the bandwidth can be significantly increased beyond 10Gb/s, unlike directly modulated DFB's that are challenged at data rates above 10Gb/s," said Milind Gokhale, CTO of Apogee Photonics.
Working with APOGEE Interactive, the nation's leader in providing online solutions to the energy industry, Nashville Electric Service provides its 348,000 customers with a friendly, easy-to-use web site packed with valuable information specific to their location including a live power outage map, an interactive community events calendar, current news, job opportunities, tree trimming schedule, up-to-date rate information and an online bid center for vendors.
Apogee Photonics is widely recognized for its leading-edge 10 Gb/s and 40 Gb/s photonics technology.
He will serve on the Apogee board of directors audit committee and is a Class III director who will stand for reelection at the 2007 annual meeting.
To listen to the live conference call over the internet, go to the Apogee Web site at http://www.
Apogee Photonics, supplier of the industry's broadest line of 10 Gb/s laser sources for the communications industry, today announced it has received a product innovation award from The Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania.
Apogee Software is proud to announce the Aphelion(TM) Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for real-time embedded systems.
Everyone wins when customers self-service on the website," said Susan Gilbert, president of APOGEE Interactive.
Apogee Software is proud to demonstrate three of its latest Aphelion(TM) Java Runtime Environments (JREs), created by Apogee for IBM from IBM's J2ME-compatible WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environments (WEMEs) Java technologies, in Wind River's and IBM's booths at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose April 4 through 6.