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Synonyms for apogee

Synonyms for apogee

Synonyms for apogee

a final climactic stage


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apoapsis in Earth orbit

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IXnet was a natural partner for Apogean given their leadership position within the financial markets community," said Rob Hedges, CEO of Apogean Technology.
Apogean Technology offers the Brady bond ATS through its broker/dealer subsidiary company, Apogean Capital Inc.
Apogean Technology, incorporated in New York in April 1999, provides through its broker / dealer subsidiary Apogean Capital Inc.
Apogean has worked with IBM Global Services to create the ATS and run its technology infrastructure.
B2B e-marketplaces, such as the Apogean ATS, hinge on sound and reliable technology infrastucture, and cannot afford down time, even as more and more investors tap into the system," said Elaine Sullivan, general manager, IBM Global Financial Markets Industry.