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(botany) development of an embryo without fertilization

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Apogamy has been reported to be a way of escaping hybrid sterility by alloploids (Fraser-Jenkins, 1980; Chao et al.
Apogamy and apospory have been alleged as evidence for the homologous theory of alternating generations (e.
Apogamy and apospory demonstrated that gametophytes could transform into sporophytes, and vice versa, without the intervention of specific cells (eggs or spores).
Whereas most taxa are sexual outcrossers, a large number of species reproduce asexually through apogamy or other means.
Among others, apogamy (Whittier, 1965; 1970), physiology and ecophysiology (Quirk and Chambers, 1981; Nondorf et al.
To these revisions, she added papers on reproductive biology and biogeography of the Pteridaceae, notably studies of apogamy in Pellaea (1968, 1972), and of incipient heterospory in Platyzoma (1964, 1967).
Exogenous and endogenous growth regulators on apogamy in Dryopteris affinis (Lowe) Fraser-Jenkins sp.
The presence of a megaspore at their base excluded a vegetative origin from the mother plant, but we cannot exclude apogamy.