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(botany) development of an embryo without fertilization

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91) suggested that apogamy and apospory would probably be associated with changes in chromosome number.
Some observations on the cytology and apogamy of Himalayan Dryopteris paleacea (Don.
Many leptosporangiate groups are known to evolve via reticulate evolution and to form cryptic complexes, involving all of the cited processes as hybridization, polyploidy and apogamy.
Taking into account the common occurrence of apogamy in megagametophytes of Regnellidium diphyllum (Mahlberg and Baldwin, 1975), only megaspores were used in order to obtain uniform cultures, thus avoiding the mixture of sexually and apomictically formed sporophytes.
Apogamy ("without gametes") and apospory ("without spores") are, to an extent, misnomers, because in some instances gametes and spores are still produced in the life cycle when these phenomena occur; the chromosome complement of the apogamously tbrmed sporophyte and aposporously produced gametophyte is, however, sometimes other than the usual for these generations (for example, both gametophyte and sporophyte in the life cycle may be found to be diploid).
A preliminary review of spore number and apogamy within the genus Cheilanthes.