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of or relating to the development of an embryo in the absence of fertilization

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It is worth noting that sexual haploid and apogamous triploid gametophytes of Pteris fauriei Hieron.
This evidence suggests apogamous reproduction as the main reproductive mode of this genus (Lu et al.
Their emergence coincided in time with the first visible indications of an apogamous sporophyte, which was the production under the notch of 2-5 very long hairs that finally reached up to 40 cells.
This study on the in vitro development of apogamous sporophytes of Dryopteris tyrrhena (Magrini, Plant Biosystems 145(3):635-637.
In the higher leptosporangiate ferns, there are two reproductive types: the sexual reproductive type with 64 spores in a sporangium, and the apogamous type with 32 spores (Manton, 1950; Lovis, 1977; Walker, 1979).
Origin and early development of apogamous embryos in the prothallia of Dryopteris chinesis.
Aposporous gametophytes were observed on Fr and MicFr explants and apogamous sporophytes on Pr explants.
In some of these experiments, apogamous Polystichum species were involved, as P.
Comparisons of sexual and apogamous races in the fern genus Pellaea.
hasseltii gametophyte could be fertilized by the male gametes from apogamous A.
Ferns in the genus Pellaea are abundant and cytologically diverse in California, and these became Jerry's model system for many future studies involving taxonomic relationships, population genetics, formation of polyploids, and the contributions of apogamous taxa to fern evolution (Gastony and Gottlieb, 1982, 1985; Gastony, 1988, 1990, 1991, Gastony and Windham, 1989).