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Synonyms for apogamous

of or relating to the development of an embryo in the absence of fertilization

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Furthermore, a quick development has been cited for the known gametophytes of the cheilanthoid clade (Windham & Yatskievych 2003), especially in association with apogamous taxa.
Thalictrum mirabile/clavatum is autogamous but not apogamous. Outcrossing probably is due to visits by syrphid flies [Sphegina sp(p).], but flower visitation rate is only 0.09 visits per [flower-hour.sup.-1]; the plant is nectarless.
Since no other combinations of alleles occurred at this locus, the most likely explanation is that this species is highly inbreeding or apogamous. The experimental work of Shivas (1969) demonstrated that at least European populations of A.