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of or relating to the development of an embryo in the absence of fertilization

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This species is considered apogamic because, in vitro, it does not form archegonia and the sporophytes developed have an apogamic origin.
muenchii is cordiforme, no archegonia are produced, only antheridia were reported; nevertheless, the sporophyte talus has an apogamic origin (Perez-Garcia et al.
However, there are no studies relating both AMF and apogamic ferns, in functional and evolutionary terms.
Therefore, this study is a contribution to the scarce knowledgement acquired of the association between AMF and chlorophyllous gametophytes and young apogamic sporophytes of ferns.
First leaves of the sporophytes appear 258-265 after sowing and apparently in Dryopterispseudo-filix-mas the sporophyte have ah apogamic origin (80 days).