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a protein that combines with a coenzyme to form an active enzyme

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In this case, inhibition of TDO was due to the inhibition of conjugation of the apoenzyme with haem prosthetic group or due to the defective synthesis of the apoenzyme.
The patient group was restricted to patients with complete apoenzyme deficiency (termed [mut.
The apoenzyme stimulation tests for vitamin B1, B2 and B6 adapted to the Cobas Bio analyzer.
The PLP-depleted apoenzyme was precipitated with 450 g/L ammonium sulfate and centrifuged at 10 000g for 10 min.
reflect a deficiency of the apoenzyme portion of the enzyme methylmalonylCoA mutase; three others (cb1A, cb1B, and cb1H) are associated with abnormalities of the adenosylcobalamin synthesis pathway.