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ridge-like ingrowth of the exoskeleton of an arthropod that supports internal organs and provides attachment points for muscles

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1997), the glabellar S3 and S2 apodemes reduced to a low knob in the axial furrow (seen ventrally), with no furrows continuing adaxially onto the glabella on the dorsal side, the thorax with fewer segments (nine) but the additional preanterior pair of pleurae on the pygidium being remnant from the juvenile thorax, and the inner two pairs of pleurae reduced but the additional pair developed on the ventral side of the pygidium.
The first lever arm (L1) is a measure of the distance between the claw's pivot (P) and the insertion point of the closer muscle apodeme (F1).
Mid and hind femora brown, with 2 yellow rings; male with ejaculatory apodeme very small, much smaller than epandrium .
Genitalia of male with small dorsal apodeme, median genital sac not visible in material examined; genitalia of female with large gonosac which is covered with scattered pores.
On the anteromedial side the membranous wall of both the medial diverticula is folded-over, forming a longitudinal fold running from the distal end of the lateral apodeme right up to the proximal part of the same (Fig.
15, 16, 17, 26 and 27) and aedeagal apodeme nearly as long as median lobe, broader at their joining; median lobe subcylindrical for some part beyond the middle and then abruptly pointed towards the apex (Fig.
Figs 4, 7, 10); gonocoxite dorsoventrally flattened (same height throughout, expanded laterally and medially), without median or lateral protuberance, gonocoxal apodeme absent; 2 functional aedeagal prongs, extremely long and thin, mediodistally free, parallel or diverging laterally, distally straight or only diverging slightly laterally; aedeagal epimere absent; lateral ejaculatory process absent; ejaculatory apodeme formed by single dorsoventrally oriented plate; ventro-median margin of dorsal aedeagal sheath heavily sclerotised (appearing entirely closed); dorsal aedeagal sheath long, sperm sac entirely covered; sperm sac appearing more-or-less heavily sclerotised.
12 and 13) complicated, in lateral view, dorsal apodeme developed, longer than half of aedeagal shaft, shaft robust, widest at middle, dorsal margin sinuated with irregular arcuate prominences, lateral margin with two sheet processes with sinuated margins at median and around gonopore, near middle distinctly with auriform process below gonopore; in ventral view, broad basally, auriform process in middle broad and distinct, around gonopore clearly sinuated, apex rounded, gonopore on ventral margin, apical.
21), anterior arm with smoothly rounded corners, anterior arm just marginally longer than posterior arm; ejaculatory apodeme broadening apically fan-shaped to axe-shaped (Fig.
3) with apodeme 1/2 as long as anterolateral process, continuing to a sclerotized zone 3 x longer than anterolateral process; a Y-shaped sclerotized zone behind the posterior margin.
Hypandrium, phallus and ejaculatory apodeme as in Figs 11, 15 and 17, respectively.
1A, B) and with robust elongate irregularly shaped sclerite extending between basis of pygofer process and dorsal apodeme of aedeagus (Fig.
Other characters include: spermathecal duct possessing a sclerotised ring basally; presence of lateral sclerites of the distiphallus (Hauser & Irwin 2005a); dorsal aedeagal apodeme reduced; spermathecal ducts entering the dorsal wall of the bursa copulatrix independently; and sternite 10 being rounded posteriorly with a long anterior extension.