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ridge-like ingrowth of the exoskeleton of an arthropod that supports internal organs and provides attachment points for muscles

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pseudokorefae has two extra finger-shaped projections above the lateral serrated projection of the aedeagal tip and the aedeagal apodeme is wide.
1997), the glabellar S3 and S2 apodemes reduced to a low knob in the axial furrow (seen ventrally), with no furrows continuing adaxially onto the glabella on the dorsal side, the thorax with fewer segments (nine) but the additional preanterior pair of pleurae on the pygidium being remnant from the juvenile thorax, and the inner two pairs of pleurae reduced but the additional pair developed on the ventral side of the pygidium.
Eyes separated by 1.0 (male) or 1.5-2.0 (female) facet diameters; antenna with 14 flagellomeres, the 3 apical subequal are reduced in size, 11th and 12th fused, 14th separated and spherical; ascoids Y-shaped; wing with medial fork incomplete; female subgenital plate pilose on distal half and with lateral margins convex; male terminalia with gonostyle coniform with a group of alveoli at base and short setae sparsealy distributed, aedeagus asymmetrical, bifid with left branch little longer and wider in dorsal view, one short sinuous paramere articulat with aedeagus and a small projection of the hypandrium, gonocoxal apodeme strongly sclerotized, pilose ventrally and with rounded distal margin.
After freezing the animals, we severed their claws, examined the dentition of the cutting surfaces, and measured propal height, propal length, propal depth, dactyl length (L2), and the distance from the claw's pivot to the insertion of the closer muscle apodeme (L1; Fig.
The cuticle was removed from the propodus, and after the apodeme was cut at its insertion onto the dactylus, the muscle was gently removed with forceps.
The measurements of the mouth hook were Ml: length from the apex to the ventral apodeme; M2: length from the apex to the dorsal most tip of neck; M3: length from the apex to the anterior base of the dorsal apodeme; M4: height from the apex of the ventral apodeme to the anterior base of the dorsal apodeme; M5: depth of ventral concavity from line Ml to tip of nub; M6: thickness of mouthhook at posterior base of nub by the posterior notch; M7: distance between the posterior base of nub and dorsal most tip of neck; and M8: width of the ventral apodeme at the base of the neck, in a line parallel to Ml.
Movable finger with 16-18 pointed teeth with dental canals, one tiny distal tooth, dental row reaching up to approximately level trichobothrium sb, followed by only one rounded vestigial teeth without dental canal on weak lamina, 4-6 proximal microtubercles; basal condyle (bc) present, basal apodeme long and apically narrowed; coupled sensilla pc halfway between sb and b or slightly closer to b.
Phallosome of single apodeme, dividing either before its middle, immediately beyond its middle, or near distal end, each branch producing an expanded area distally, joined to an outcurved pointed process of variable length.
michidi has much wider and shorter ventral and dorsal arms of apodeme than M.
Hypandrium small, membranous, joined laterally to each clasper; phallosome apodeme long, slender, distally divided in two arms, each ending in an elliptic membranous area (Fig.
10 and 11) with paired short apical processes, preatrium little longer than aedeagal shaft, dorsal apodeme small in lateral view, gonopore apical on ventral surface.
Apodeme I (ap l) 20 (12-20) long, V- shaped continuing with sternum I (st l).