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of a proposition


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The important point in this for Kung is the unconditional nature of this kind of supreme norm: "a norm which is not just hypothetical and conditioned but is categorical, apodeictic and unconditioned-utterly practicable in the face of the extremely complex situation in which the individual or groups must often act.
By conflating <human rights>, "America," "freedom," and various elements of neoliberal capitalist thought through the myth of American exceptionalism, Bush crafted powerful apodeictic justifications for his political and military actions in the Middle East.
After settling down with Lureen, he starts riding red farm machinery instead of black bulls, the apodeictic violence and self-assertion of the alpha male now yielding to purpose and utility.
It is an apodeictic and indeed identical proposition; but it does not mean that I, as object, am for myself a self-subsistent being or substance" (Reason 369 [B 407]).
Although Freud argues that a science comprises a large proportion of assertions reliant upon probability, along with "few apodeictic propositions in its catechism" (Freud 1991: 78), the notion of psychoanalysis as a science is nevertheless problematic since it is not rigorously qualified by admissions that its construction emerges not out of "objective" or rational observation, but is itself under the sway of the unconscious and the discursive/symbolic systems within which such comprehension is embedded.
For Socrates, what is important is to know myself, not the apodeictic certainty that I am because I think.