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There could, in our view, be two reasons for this reticence: either Lefevre is implicitly aware of the fact that the Shepherd does not really correspond to any of the canonical New Testament genres (with perhaps the sole exception of the Apocalypse), which would suggest that his concept of apocrypha is not a generic one, or, more likely, Lefevre is playing a double game.(48) It must not be forgotten that his was the first edition of the Shepherd, a text which the western church had ignored for a long time and which therefore was wide open to being considered an apocryphon in the purely negative sense of the word.
Some of these writings will be familiar to readers, including those translated from Hebrew or Aramaic into Greek which made their way into various Christian canons, where they were classified as "Old Testament Apocrypha." Among these are 1 and 2 Maccabees, which record some of the history of Hanukkah; the Wisdom of Ben Sira[ch]; Judith, Tobit, Susanna and the Elders, and several more.
Much of the response to Apocrypha concentrated on the "keystone," since any significant compromise to its load-bearing capacity could potentially cause the entire structure of the correspondence to collapse along with it.
Some translations seek to be widely inclusive of both Protestants and Catholics, such as the New Revised Standard Version, which is published either with the books of the Apocrypha for Catholics or without those books for Protestants.
But none of them took the position of the ancient Marconites, that only the New Testament was inspired.(1) Recent Mennonite scholarship has modified any notion that the southern Anabaptism of Switzerland, south Germany, and Moravia entirely rejected the Old Testament, (2) or the Apocrypha, (3) for that matter.
He teaches the course through the discussion of primary texts, from the Apocrypha to the Talmud to thinkers such as Maimon ides and Heschel to ideologues such as Geiger and Frankel.
Secret Scriptures Revealed: A New Introduction to the Christian Apocrypha
There is the possibility of doing something with the Apocrypha, the section between the Old and New Testaments in some denominations, so that might happen.
The Legendary Biographies of Tamerlane: Islam and Heroic Apocrypha in Central Asia.
She and her husband Joachim come from the New Testament apocrypha, of which the Protoevangelium of James (written perhaps around 150) seems to be the earliest mention.
Blending Jewish folklore, the apocrypha, and oral tradition from the dawn of humankind, The Peacock Angel is a thought-provoking tale of an ordinary young man plunged into extraordinary circumstance—with the fate of humanity lying somewhere in the balance.
"Religion, Sexuality and Gender," the third section, begins with John Haydn Baker's essay, "The Man Who Walked With God: Philip Pullman's Metatron, the Biblical Enoch, and the Apocrypha." Baker examines the roots of His Dark Materials theology in the oft-overlooked Apocrypha, specifically the Book of Enoch.
(9) Completeness demands finality, closure, the imposition of absolute distinctions between "Shakespeare" and "not-Shakespeare," canon versus the plays traditionally known as the "Shakespeare Apocrypha." (10)
Chapter 1 and 2 review the contexts for each person as well as their sources (including both canonical and noncanonical: the apocrypha and Gospels for Jesus, and the Qur'an and Hadith for Muhammad).
Taken from the Book of Tobit in the Apocrypha section of the Bible, the story is a good match for modern cinema and TV drama - adventure with a touch of the fantastic.