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(of exocrine glands) producing a secretion in which part of the secreting cell is released with the secretion


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The dermis and hypodermis were easily distinguishable and the latter include scanty apocrine sweat glands.
These cells are usually present in the apocrine sweat glands of the axilla and in the periareolar apocrine glands.
Apocrine sweat glands are limited to specific regions like the axilla, nipple, external ear, external genitalia and eyelids, while eccrine sweat glands are widely distributed across the body.
Although people with hyperhidrosis sweat a lot, most do not have problems with body odour, as hyperhidrosis does not usually affect the apocrine sweat glands responsible for producing unpleasant-smelling sweat.
Hidradenitis suppurativa is a chronic relapsing inflammatory skin condition affecting the apocrine sweat glands.
Because lesions typically are found in anatomic areas rich in apocrine sweat glands, hidradenitis suppurativa--as the name implies--was thought to be a disease characterized by apocrine gland dysfunction.
A It is still not clear why the apocrine sweat glands are affected like this in some people, but mechanical blockage plays a part.
The less numerous apocrine sweat glands form around hair follicles and are the ones responsible for the stench.