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Molecular cytogenetic comparison of apocrine hyperplasia and apocrine carcinoma of the breast.
Apocrine carcinoma of the breast is a rare and distinct morphological-type carcinoma.
Breed Age Tumor Staging Surgical (years) location margins Boxer 12 Perianal T1N0M0 Compromised Poodle 9 Perianal T1N0M0 Adequate Golden Retriever 12 Left shoulder T1N0M0 Adequate Poodle 16 Left upper lip T1N0M0 Adequate Crossbreed 7 Prepuce T3N0M0 Compromised English Bulldog 11 Prepuce T1N0M0 Compromised Crossbreed 1 Face T1N0M0 Compromised Breed Diagnosis COX-2 Selective score COX-2 (0-12) inhibitor treatment duration (months) Boxer Perianal mucinous 6 6 adenocarcinoma Poodle Hepatoid carcinoma 4 1 Golden Retriever Squamous cell carcinoma 6 2 Poodle Apocrine carcinoma with 4 3 squamous diferentiation Crossbreed Squamous cell carcinoma 4 -- English Bulldog Squamouscell carcinoma 6 -- Crossbreed Basal cell carcinoma 6 4
7% and included: sebaceous carcinoma, adnexal carcinoma, porocarcinoma, adenoid cystic carcinoma, apocrine carcinoma, Merkel-cell carcinoma, malignant nodular hidradenoma, and malignant proliferating trichilemmal tumor.
Apocrine carcinoma usually arises in the "apocrine areas"--that is, in the axilla.
Apocrine carcinoma as triple-negative breast cancer: novel definition of apocrine-type carcinoma as estrogen/progesterone receptor-negative and androgen receptor-positive invasive ductal carcinoma.
Table 1 Origin Benign Malignant Eccrine & Hidrocytoma Malignant tumor of apocrine (mixed the skin (has origin) Apocrine-eccrine eccrine /apocrine & nevus mesenchymal components) Tubulopapillary hidradenoma (7-9) Eccrine Chondroid Porocarcinoma Poroma syringoma Hidradenocarcinoma (10) Spiradenocarcinoma Hidradenoma Malignant cylindroma Spiradenoma Syringoid carcinoma Cylindroma Microcystic adnexal carcinoma Syringometaplasia Mucinous carcinoma Syringoma Adenoid cystic Syringofibroadenoma (11) carcinoma Aggressive digital papillary adenocarcinoma Syringocystadenocarcinoma Apocrine SCAP (12) Apocrine carcinoma Hidradenoma Extramammary Paget's papilliferum (13, 14) disease (15)
Non-keratinizing squamous cell carcinoma, invasive clear cell apocrine carcinoma, glycogen rich carcinoma and sebaceous carcinoma of breast were considered as the differential diagnoses.
Pleomorphic lobular carcinoma should be also distinguished from apocrine carcinoma owing to their similar cytologic features and expression of GCDFP-15 and androgen receptors.
Also identified were 2 cases (4%) of basal cell carcinoma (BCC), 2 cases (4%) of sebaceous carcinomas, and rare cases (n = 1 each) of apocrine carcinoma, spiradenocarcinoma, and adenoid cystic carcinoma (2% each).
The tumor cells may show prominent granular eosinophilic cytoplasm focally and higher nuclear grade, resembling apocrine carcinoma morphology.