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corrected for both chromatic and spherical aberration

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Minox's 15x58 ED BR binocular features ED/fluoride glass with apochromatic color correction, a rugged nitrogen-charged macrolon body and large, soft eyecups.
The Vieew system consists of a solid temperature-resistant and shock-resistant cabinet, an integrated black and white CCD camera and high-end apochromatic lenses.
one very elaborate instrument with apochromatic lenses of the highest powers, especially adapted for the study of Bacteria and other minute living forms.
Mamiya continues to be a pioneer by continually improving and refining the finest professional photographic products with state-of-art advancements such as superior apochromatic lens technology and practical, ergonomic camera design and function.
The confocal microscope used in apochromatic cryogenic lens is offered exclusively by the attocube systems AG.
The latter, with an aperture of 150mm, will perform as well as many modern expensive short focus apochromatic triplet telescopes.
It also features a triple apochromatic lens system, which reduces fringing, dilution of color fidelity, and degradation of resolution.
The Leica M320 F12 bundles apochromatic optical quality with LED illumination and high-definition imaging technology, providing ease of use and flexible, smooth maneuverability.