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Synonyms for apocalypse

Synonyms for apocalypse

something disclosed, especially something not previously known or realized

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a cosmic cataclysm in which God destroys the ruling powers of evil

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The "Battlefield 1" Apocalypse maps Razor's Edge and London Calling are the only two new maps specifically designed for the new game mode Air Assault.
As a girl, Edwards dreaded reaching puberty and having to join this unsettling adult realm, and she lived in further terror of Berg's predicted 1993 apocalypse.
Apocalypse Gallery had its first exhibition in December 1987.
The series tells the story of the approaching end times and follows characters who are either bent on avoiding the apocalypse or actively seek to bring about Armageddon.
Apocalypse remains a one-note villain throughout, despite Isaac's best efforts to imbue the godlike foe with authoritative menace underneath mountains of prosthetic makeup.
He is also fond of telling us what the apocalypse is not: "The apocalypse is not a conclusion, conceived either as a bare terminus or a resolving interpretation.
Based on Biblical descriptions in Revelation 6 and Matthew 24, next year's production of The Apocalypse Experience will be an event that gives thrill seekers a terrifying and thought provoking experience of what it might be like in the end times.
Part of the critically acclaimed, Emmy Award-winning "Bible Collection" series of movies, The Apocalypse is a movie on DVD bringing the origin of the Biblical Book of Revelation to life.
Sophie, 18, has been cast in the role as young Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse.
Zomburbia is filled with the typical high school drama, but Gallardo provides a fresh take on the post-zombie apocalypse.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- "Each loss means an apocalypse for the family.
The turn of the twenty-first century witnessed a deluge of American apocalypse films.
Jubilees uses the genre of an apocalypse at the level of literary morphology, he contends, but fills it with different ideas so as to subvert the most basic claims made by the apocalypses.
Apocalypse against Empire: Theologies of Resistance in Early Judaism.
This is how the world ends; not with a bang, but with a bunch of tongue-in-cheek Internet stories about the ongoing zombie apocalypse.