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of or relating to apnea


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The high incidence in respiratory depression with fentanyl & propofol group was due to combined apnoeic effect of both, as commented by Sanderson JH and Taylor MB in their study.
One of these 12 patients experienced frequent apnoeic episodes during the first post-operative night, with moderate desaturation, hypotension and reduced consciousness, resuscitated successfully with no obvious short or long-term sequaelae.
Inspired pressures are delivered using pressure control in apnoeic patients, or pressure support in spontaneously breathing patients.
Bradyarrhythmias in patients with OSA are related to the apnoeic episodes and over 80% are found during REM sleep.
3) Obstructive sleep apnoea is characterised by snoring and episodes of apnoeic attacks during sleep.
In these patients, repeated apnoeic episodes during sleep may lead to changes in cerebral metabolism.
A supporter-related MCI, particularly when due to supporter stampedes with resulting asphyxial crush-type injuries, requires immediate basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) with effective external chest compressions and efficient rescue ventilation to all those who are unresponsive and apnoeic.
Nighttime and diastolic hypertension are common and underestimated conditions in newly diagnosed apnoeic patients.
The young boy alerted his father, who found the child with the cord around his neck, pale, unresponsive, blue, tongue protruding and apnoeic.
Soon after birth, rapid deterioration occurs in these patients, including vomiting, axial hypotonia, apnoeic episodes, respiratory failure, coma and death within a few months.
It used to be thought that apnoeic snoring had absolutely no acute effects on brain function but this is plainly not true," said New South Global Professor Caroline Rae, the lead author of the study.
Rick was sedated and required ventilatory support due to prolonged apnoeic (cessation of breathing) episodes that followed the seizures.
He suffers from serious respiratory problems, including apnoeic attacks, an involuntary halt to breathing.
Where they read the phrase 'after my death', many imagine a pulseless corpse and might be horrified to learn that it really means "after I become comatose and apnoeic (cannot breathe), but all my other organs are working fine, I will be eviscerated while still pink and warm, with my heart still spontaneously beating and blood circulating.
Chemical specificity of a laryngeal apnoeic reflex in puppies.