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of or relating to apnea


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This approach required three apneic periods for completion, with intermittent placement of a standard endotracheal tube through the stoma for ventilation.
During the apneic episode, he stimulated the dogs' phrenic nerve to trigger diaphragmatic contractions; each contraction caused the dog to inhale.
The BSS algorithm is applied to the EEG sample under four different cases such as an EEG signal of a sleep recording, a stereo file containing an EEG signal and EOG signal, an EEG signal of the recording of an apneic patient and a stereo file containing two EEG signals of a sleep recording.
Apnea index (AI) is the number of apneic episodes per hour of sleep.
1,5) As the use of succinylcholine increased, a subset of patients with normal dibucaine numbers and a prolonged apneic response to succinylcholine were encountered.
10) In these infants, by 43 to 44 weeks postmenstrual age, the frequency of apneic episodes decreases to that of full-term infants.
Key clinical point: An oral appliance to advance the lower jaw reduced apneic episodes, snoring, and restless legs symptoms.
As the patient continues to decline, respirations often increase to approximately 40 breaths per minute, then rapidly decrease until the patient is apneic and experiences respiratory failure (Dennison, 2013).
An apneic event is characterized by complete cessation of airflow; hypopnea is a partially compromised airway.
The course and severity of bronchiolitis vary, ranging from mild disease with simple runny nose and cough, to transient apneic events, and on to progressive respiratory distress secondary to airway obstruction.
At this time, the patient lost consciousness and became apneic.
Nevertheless, the balance of evidence does show that CPAP is more effective than are control conditions or sham CPAP at improving scores on the apnea-hypopnea index, which measures the number of apneic and hypopneic episodes per hour of monitored sleep.
She pointed out that during the night I had 172 apneic attacks lasting one to two minutes at a time.