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light-colored and fine-grained granitic rock consisting chiefly of quartz and feldspars

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The intrusive contact relationship of rock masses in the field suggests that the formation of quartz diorite and granodiorite was relatively early, while quartz diorite and aplite were formed later.
The body is intruded by felsic dykes (microgranites, aplite and rare pegmatite), mafic dykes, rhyolite sheets, and contains quartz veins and rare secondary calcite veins up to 7 cm thick.
The Wiborg rapakivi granite batholith consists of five granite types: wiborgite, pyterlite, even-grained granite, porphyritic granite, and porphyry aplite (Fig.
The section is capped by a subhorizontal three-foot aplite dike.
It is overlain by graphitic meta-greywackes and is intruded by granite, aplite, quartz, and carbonatite dikes and veins.
ii) Also at Site 97 a vertical aplite dyke ended abruptly at the lower boundary of the red surface soil materials.
These granites are presumed to be part of the peninsular gneissic complex and to contain basic enclaves of aplite, pegmatite, epidote, and quartz veins.
The Gold Star Project is in the middle of Pershing County and includes tourmalinized quartz veins and aplite cutting a Cretaceous granodiorite stock similar to the Spring Valley deposit across the valley to the east.
The rocks are sparingly porphyritic and contain dykes and veins ofmicrogranite, aplite, and quartz; pegmatites are rare and simple.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 21, 2016-US Silica to report rise in silica and aplite prices in February 2016
2a), and subsidiary phases of medium-grained equigranular granite, equigranular to quartz-feldspar-phyric microgranite, melanocratic biotite granite, and minor aplite and pegmatite (MacLellan et al.
Aplite can be seen in some granite bodies in the study area, especially in marginal zones or in the veins that form across the bodies.
1978, Genesis of aplite in the Ricany massif, central Bohemia.
EL7711 encompasses much of the central part of the Rockvale Adamellite which hosts silver-gold-antimony-arsenic mineralisation both at its margin and within the intrusion on northeast/northwest fracture zones, possibly associated with aplite dykes.
I haven't had it checked, but I am assuming that the rock is of a quickly cooled granitic type, possibly aplite because of the fine crystal size.