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| Aaron Mooy - 4/1 (BetVictor) Mooy starred for Huddersfield Town last season in the Premier League and has naturally courted interest aplenty since the club were relegated back to the Championship, the Magpies linked with his services.
Chris Brunel, from Bridgend, had bites aplenty when he visited Seven Oaks Fishery and caught 41 carp to 6.5lb.
There are dilemmas aplenty in selecting the Scotland team alone.
Laughs aplenty, even during a trip to Disneyland for the leading sales consignor @nancygsexton As soon as Darley announces that Layman is off to Sweden he fires in two stakes winners - last week it was Boldogsag, today it's Regatta Relocating stallions could catch on, you know, as the Racing Post's Nancy Sexton noted @SamHaggas Can't help noticing an increasing number of loo seats with urine on them So notes William Haggas's son Sam.
There were Jaguars aplenty at the 39th annual Jaguar Festival of New England and Concours d'Elegance Aug.
For passengers, there's seating aplenty with wraparound forward seating, a leaning post and rear deck jump-seat cushions available.
Outdoor space aplenty at 114 East 30th Street [Post]
Anderson and Rios are taking advantage of their newfound infamy of being linked to Sheen, turning it into cash with well-paid personal appearances aplenty.
Four remembers 1974 while number five shows winners from 1985, with flowers and faux embarrassment aplenty.
With aliens, government conspiracies, flashbacks and mysterious goings-on aplenty, The Event is looking now more than ever like an intriguing hybrid of Lost and The X Files.
Professional athletes have exciting lives, with adrenaline rushes aplenty. But living in the moment means they aren't usually the most reflective of people, which can lead to superficial biogs.
There will be tablets aplenty at this year's C E S , a n d A s u s ' s strategy is basically trying a bunch of different stuff and seeing what sticks.
But despite chances aplenty, neither side could find the net.
Price, a native of New York City (a land of the cutting-edge insult if ever there was), 1001 Insults, Put-Downs & Comebacks makes a great gag gift and is sure to bring smiles and chuckles aplenty. Just remember that its sharp-tongued digs should not be repeated aloud unless one is ready for the repercussions of an all-out insult war!
There were goodbyes aplenty Wednesday as the school year ended at Gilham Elementary School and throughout the Eugene School District.