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failure of some tissue or organ to develop

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Methimazole is a known drug with a teratogenic effect for cutis aplasia.
19) The coexistent peripheral destruction along with central aplasia of the erythroid cell line might result in serious anemia.
Bone marrow aplasia is the most significant illness, and occurred with relative frequency.
El sindrome de Poland se caracteriza por la presencia de braquisindactilia unilateral y aplasia ipsolateral de la porcion esternocostal del musculo pectoral mayor.
These malformations included sclerotic cochlea as a sequela of meningitis (n=6), Mondini deformity (n=3), cochlea dysplasia (n=3), LVAS (n=3), large internal auditory canal (n=2), semicircular canal aplasia (n=1), and semicircular canal dysplasia (n=1).
Severe bone-marrow aplasia following imatinib mesylate in a patient with chronic myelogenous leukemia.
It is thought to exist along a spectrum of femoral aplasia, the more severe being proximal femoral focal deficiency (PFFD).
Objectives: To evaluate the surgical feasibility and the long-term anatomical and functional results and complication rates in patients with Mullerian aplasia who underwent vaginal reconstruction.
En la cartilla medica hay un escrito: 'Nina nacida con una patologia compleja multiple: aplasia del ano, aplasia de la vulva, aplasia del rinon izquierdo'.
Cleidocranial dyspalsia is a rare congenital skeletal disorder, associated with hypoplasia or aplasia of clavicles, delayed closure of cranial sutures and fontanels, frontoparietal bossing, delayed exfoliation of primary dentition, delayed or failure of eruption of permanent teeth, and presence of multiple supernumerary teeth.
Las principales manifestaciones clinicas de esta displasia son la aplasia o hipoplasia de las claviculas y la osificacion insuficiente de la fontanela anterior.
Two boys born to women who took a TNFi had minor malformations, one with nasal bone aplasia, retrognathia, and hydronephrosis, and the other with hypospadias.
Hecker, "Deviated trachea in hypoplasia and aplasia of the right lung: airway obstruction and its release by aortopexy," Journal of Pediatric Surgery, vol.