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having no placenta


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The tiger shark is an aplacental species, differing from most of the members of the Carcharhinidae that nourish their young through a placental connection.
Great differences may be observed, from oviparity to aplacental viviparity, so that it is difficult to use similar techniques for all of them (Demski, 1990).
The females of a second group, termed aplacental viviparous, give birth to live young that were sustained in the uterus by a yolk sac.
Like other members of the order Lamniformes, the bigeye thresher is an aplacental, viviparous species with intrauterine oophagy, bearing 2-4 pups per litter, resulting in an extremely low fecundity (Moreno and Moron, 1992; Gilmore, 1993; Chen et al., 1997; Compagno, 2001).