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Synonyms for apish

copying another in an inferior or obsequious way

Synonyms for apish

being or given to servile imitation


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It is not until the final stanza that the reader is informed that the poem is a charm written from the perspective of an Irish [and presumably Papist] priestly sorcerer who, uttering magic charms, intended to slay the playing Martin, whom he references by his apish face.
Tenders are invited for Construction of road from kalakata primary school-sing para- to mahish bathan matri mandir apish khana math via howrahat in panisala g-p in the district of cooch behar
A prescient postmodernist, Benton assimilated circus-poster art and pulp-magazine covers as well as old masters: The apish brutes who rape and pillage in the paintings of his "Year of Peril" series, produced as war propaganda in 1942, nominally Japanese but readable as any alien race, might have inspired Groot, Fin Fang Foom, and other sluglike behemoths drawn by Jack Kirby for Atlas Comics.
He now claims that the decisions made while investing money, the risks we take in the market, are a behavior hard-wired from our apish experiences.
Duck thee i'the Towne-ditch, like a Water-Rat, Make Iigges and Ballads of thy apish Toyes, For to be sung by thred-bare Fidlers Boyes.
As a physiological chimera, the cynocephalus embodied both dog and human in one apish animal.
but they did so in no small part because they were apish admirers of European intellectual fads.
As if auditioning for the part, 'Ganymede' assures Orlando he can play Rosalind because boys are 'changeable, longing and liking, proud, fantastical, apish, shallow, inconstant, full of tears, full of smiles; for every passion something, and for no passion truly anything; as boys and women are for the most part cattle of this color' (3.
But back to Updike--I'm interested in his idea of an apish Adam because it posits sin and the fruits of it--self-consciousness borne of the knowledge of good and evil--as that which makes us human.
grieve, be effeminate, changeable, longing and liking, proud, fantastical, apish, shallow, inconstant, full of tears, full of smiles, for every passion something and for no passion truly anything.
In apes-both modern apes and, presumably, the ancient ancestors of Ardipithecus-males find mates the good old-fashioned apish way: by fighting with other males for access to fertile females.
However, instead of acting as a pre-Broadway try-out, this production showcases Philadelphia's growing local talent, including Walnut regulars Jeffrey Coon as the apish Stanley and director Malcom Black.
The last line of this quotation shows that the reversal of roles also carries over to the mimetic capability of the monkey, a staple of earlier literary discourse on the ape used to distinguish apish behavior from truly intelligent actions.
Hence what King Henry I unwittingly did, was both apish mimicry of European royalty--partly for international acceptance and consumption--and patterns of leadership reminiscent of olden west African political systems, minus the accountability normally extant in the latter.