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Synonyms for aping

the act, practice, or art of copying the manner or expression of another

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APING THE MASTER: Getting to grips with the ape walk; TRUNK CALL: Knuckling down to tree-hugging; LEAF IT TO ME: Learning how to pick up and sniff; ANIMAL MAGIC: Terry taught Helena (left) how to be the perfect chimpanzee; PRI-MATES: Cheetah and Terry (right)
We used a small forceps to obtain one sample of epithelium from the APS and the APING from each of the 20 subjects.
Results Our comparison of the structural arid ultrastructural aspects of the nasal mucosa of the APS and APING revealed the following statistically significant findings:
APING HUMAN INJURIES "It's really reaching to interpret [the Aubesier] fossil's condition as a sign of social care among Neandertals," contends Berkeley anthropologist F.
If the chimps are aping humans by intentionally medicating themselves to fight disease or reduce pain, says Wrangham, "we can envision a slowly growing use of [herbal medicines] by human ancestors over millions of years.