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the cultivation of bees on a commercial scale for the production of honey


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Apiculturists or honey traders have been asked to register at the regional agricultural development centres or at the ministry in Muscat.
Apiculturists remained bound to tackle the parasitic mites with acaricides, like coumaphos and fluvalinate, the most regularly remedies used for this purpose.
For this reason, the apiculturists from the region of Povardarie, Ovce Pole and other regions produced small quantities of honey.
Only those brought from Ardeal, with a lot of difficulty, brought some light of hope and education for the apiculturists. The people from Ardeal contributed with the first written lectures on the systematic apiculture.
Barrett Klein, who led the study as a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin, says that sleep deprivation could conceivably affect bees when hives are invaded by predators or parasites, when apiculturists transport colonies over long distances, or as an everyday consequence of the busy nature of hives.
Sanford's edition retains, as much as possible, Bonney's style and content, while providing updated information apiculturists must know to be successful in the current beekeeping environment.
Sokk comes from a family of apiculturists, and one day he started to research for more possibilities for honey and its byproducts.
The OSU Extension service set up a Honey Bee Diagnostic Services clinic this year in response to concern from farmers, apiculturists and the public.
These ARS laboratories form the core of the new bee-focused areawide program that includes university partners, apiculturists, and many others.--By Alfredo Flores, ARS.
Apiculturists in eastern Granma province, the island's major honey producer, expect to produce 1,000 tons of honey this year, exceeding their plan of 880 tons.