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the cultivation of bees on a commercial scale for the production of honey


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The tree crops and the evergreen plants in the location, besides supplying apicultural resources to the bees equally provided sufficient shade that prevented the hive from solar radiation but enabled sunshine for apicultural activities.
apis, was isolated and obtained from diseased larvae mummies of Apis mellifera, collected by apicultural research institute of Chinese academy of agricultural sciences, Beijing, China.
I was relieved to learn my translations passed muster and was greatly interested in his comments about bee behavior, which confirm Tolstoy's own apicultural expertise and knowledge:
Bee pollen, also regarded, as apicultural pollen, corbicular pollen, or bee-collected pollen, is the main source of protein for bee colonies.
Acosta-Castellanos S, Palacios-Chavez R (2001) "Plants of apicultural interest in the Pluma Hidalgo Zone, Oaxaca, Mexico".
In Beyond The Veil, while you are drawn into the hunt for a possible murderer, you'll be soaking up facts about bees, beekeeping and all things apicultural.
3) CCD is now thought to emerge from the interrelation of several factors including epidemics of several virus species, bacteria, and parasitic mites; poor nutrition arising from industrial agricultural and apicultural practices; pesticides (recently, neonicotinoids or neonics were controversially banned by the EU); transport conditions for bees moved in truckloads; breeding practices; and habitat degradation including the replacement of natural habitats with anthropogenic ones, pollution, and climate change (USDA, UNEP Global Bee).
Apicultural practices driven by the economics of the industry such as transporting hives for pollination services, have contributed to the spread of Varroa and a newly arrived and possibly more virulent species of Nosema.
Dr Nicola Bradbear, an internationally-recognised expert in apicultural development, will give a talk about the work of Bees for Development, the charity she founded, which assists beekeepers living in poor and remote areas of the world.
2001) Influence of the proximity of American foulbrood cases and apicultural management on the prevalence of Paenibacillus larvae spores in Belgian honey.
International Journal of Applied Agriculture and Apicultural Research, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Nigeria.
Within this context the exchange of goods was very active and the Dacian apicultural products are supposed to have been in great demand.
Another Section A entry with an apicultural moniker, 13-year-old Heathside Honey Bee, was in the money too, fetching pounds 6,500.