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(of a leaf shape) having a short sharply pointed tip

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Caption: Hanseniaspora uvarum is is an apiculate yeast genus.
Ascospores light olive- brown, broadly ovate, 5-6 x 3-5 [micro]m, sub apiculate at one end rounded at other end.
Dorsal lobe of stem leaf distinctly recurved, apex mucronate or apiculate, perianth abruptly narrowed to a long-cylindrical beak .
Achenes 3-4 mm long, ovoid to subglobose, with obtuse, usually apiculate apex, smooth, glossy, white; hypogynium base obtuse trigonous, with 8-9 small, rounded or elongated , granular tubercles.
subcylindrical to Norris-need compressed, midrib assessment with absent, DNA markers cryptostomata usually present; vesicles elliptical with long apiculate extensions.
5-3 cm long; primary bracts distinctly exceeding the stipes but all shorter than the branches, without notable water-holding capacity, the basal ones resembling the upper scape bracts, the upper ones broadly ovate to orbicular, apex acute and apiculate, 2.
montana have simple leaves; alternate, discolourous, ovate-lanceolate, 5-6,5 x 1,5-2,8 cm, acute apex, acuminate, denteate margin, teeths apiculate, rounded at the base, petiole are from 0,6-0,8 cm long, tomentose, green-cinereous.
This species is unique in the genus, having distinctly long apiculate leaf apices.
It has lax, tapering, inclined curved heads with white awns and white glumes that are long in length, wide in width with medium, apiculate shoulders, and narrow beaks.
Stem leaves [+ or -] concave, either straight, oblong-ovate with abruptly acute or obtuse and apiculate or rounded apex, or falcate, ovate to oblong-ovate with gradually and shortly to longly acuminate apex; erect-spreading to imbricate, usually complanate; margin plane, entire or slightly denticulate near apex; costa short and double, occasionally absent; median lamina cells linear-flexuose, becoming shorter and wider towards apex and slightly shorter, wider and porose towards base; marginal cells similar or slightly shorter and wider than adjacent median lamina cells; alar cells numerous, hyaline, inflated, forming a well delimited group, slightly or longly decurrent.
Perigonia lateral on lower part of stem, below perichaetia in autoicous species, perigonial leaves ovate to ovate-oblong, abruptly and shortly acuminate or apiculate, margin entire, ecostate.
5 mm in length, bright copper-colored in mass, colorless or hyaline, lemon-shaped, apiculate, thin walled, 6-10.
noted a marked difference in higher alcohol production among apiculate yeast when compared to S.