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situated at an apex

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long-acuminate apically, margin entire or more commonly serrate in upper
Mandible slender, rather strongly tapered apically, with upper tooth distinctly longer than lower tooth.
Leprocapsus is also distinct among other genera of the Bothriomirini by the shape of the endosoma, with the DSS sclerite elongate and curved apically, the MES broad and slightly sinuate laterally, apically distinctly curved and sharply pointed, and the PES relatively small, hook-shaped (Fig.
Forewing narrow, rounded apically, apical cells occupying more than one-third of total length, all quadrate at base, veins RP, MP' arise from r cell and MP"+CuA' from m cell, c and r cells nearly equal in width, narrower than m and cua cells, 2nd apical cell with margins subparallel, slightly broadened at apex (Fig.
Base of tritosternum narrow, its laciniae smooth and apically divided into four short lateral branches and one long central branch (Fig.
2S), sometimes with reddish tinge; mandibular plate apically reddish; eyes dark reddish; first antennal segment with red subapical ring, antennal segments II-IV, thoracic pleura, and scutellum usually somewhat darker than dorsum; corium with indistinct and narrow, pale, transverse, semitransparent band next to apex of clavus; cuneus apically darkened; membrane pale brown, with more or less darkened base; sometimes corium in apical one-third and sides of pronotum with indistinct reddish tinge, in one specimen few minute reddish markings also occur on legs, thoracic and abdominal venter, and at base of first antennal segment.
19), but apically narrower and transparent vulval structures of different shape.
Legs brownish yellow; mesonotum testaceous; surstylus with an acute triangular process in lat eral view; postgonites in form of a pair of long processes, crossed apically (Sasakawa, 1998: Fig.
5-7): embolus long and slender with its tip pointing slightly apically, terminal apophysis sickle-shaped (Fig.
Valva elongate, rectangular, divided into 2 setose portions apically, upper portion semicircular, lower portion digitate; sacculus slightly convex.
Proboscis distinctly shorter than head, thickened, apically obtuse with pseudotracheae (not constricted for piercing); palpus short.
Gonopods: Median lamella of telocoxite shorter than lateral lamella; the latter with horizontal and apically narrowed lateral conus (Fig.