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situated at an apex

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Assessment of apically extruded debris produced by the single-file ProTaper F2 technique under reciprocating movement.
The deeply biramous surstyli in combination with the apically projecting and very pointed cerci armed with three pairs of giant setae are diagnostic male characters not seen in other anthomyiid genera.
About half of these grooves (54%) extended onto the root surface; of those, 43% extended less than 5 mm, 47% 6 to 10 mm, and 10% more than 10mm apically from the cementoenamel junction.
schoenemanni--Posterior margin of pronotum convex; procoxal spine minute, weakly nodiform; abdominal tergite X truncate, unmodified; preapical tooth on male cercus short, not so modified (Figs 16A-18A); male subgenital plate apically produced, upcurved, with apex variously modified (Figs 16B-18B); female ovipositor at most only slightly longer than pronotal disc .
Remarks: This new species is closest to Chelonus (Microchelonus) parkeri Papp, 2010 and Chelonus (Microchelonus) cacumenus Papp, 2010, considering their apically pointed carapace.
In addition, the aedeagus is continuously rounded apically and the digiti are wide through all their length.
3 cm long, often forking or 3-branched or producing compact, narrowly fusiform, several-noded rhizomatous offshoots, these developing apically into leafy shoots.
5 x 5-10 cm, lustrous basally on both surfaces, apically white-lepidote on both surfaces; blades extended to reflexed and pendent in mature plants, dark green, narrowly triangular, attenuate, 19-80 x 1.
The flagellum complex consists of a dorsal row of striate bristles, the striae formed by very tiny setae, and a ventral row of plumose setae that are more plumose apically (Fig.
7 times as long as wide; upper apical spur robust, slightly sinuous, apically pointed, clearly shorter than 1st tarsal joint; metatarsus almost 9/10 as long as tibia, 1st joint elongate, scarcely dilated apically, about same length as next three ones combined.
These hernias disappear when the rectovaginal septum is suspended apically with bilateral uterosacral colpopexy.
long-acuminate apically, margin entire or more commonly serrate in upper
CV-899, PI 612958) is a full-season, high yielding, apically awnleted soft red winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.
Maxillae yellowish brown with dense black scopulae, distinctly longer than wide, medially constricted outer lateral margin without setae, somewhat narrow basally, broad apically.