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situated at an apex

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Sexual selection and nuptial feeding behaviour in Bitttacus apicalis (Insecta: Mecoptera).
In addition, a few exotic species have become naturalized in urban areas of California: honey bees (Apis mellifera), alfalfa leafcutting bees (Megachile ro-tundata), Megachile apicalis and Hylaeus punctatus.
Color variation and significance of color in reproduction in the damselfly, Argia apicalis (Say) (Zygoptera: Coenagriidae) (sic).
Argia apicalis, Calopteryx maculata, Enallagma aspersum, E.
Diaspididae: Clavaspidiotus apicalis Takagi, 3 samples; Lepidosaphes beckii (Newman), 2 samples.
Family/Species Adult Nymph CALOPTERYGIDAE Calopteryx maculata x LESTIDAE Lestes rectangularis x x Lestes unguiculatus x Lestes disjunctus x x COENAGRIONIDAE Argia apicalis x Argia tibialis x Argia sedula x x Enallagma signatum x x Enallagma civile x x Enallagma basidens x x Ischnura posita x x Ischnura hastata x x Ischnura verticalis x Table 3.