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DESCRIPTION: Male: COLORATION: ground color including antennal segments I to III pale brown; antennal segment IV dark reddish brown with apical third paler; rostral segments I to IV reddish brown; anterior half of anterolateral margins of pronotum reddish brown; anterior and posterior lobe of metathoracic peritreme pale yellow; posterior margin of acetabulae, coxae and trochanters reddish brown with brownish orange marks; femora pale brown with reddish brown hispid tubercles; tibiae pale brown with reddish brown marks; tarsi reddish brown with dark brownish orange irregular marks; apical margin of corium ad some veins dark reddish brown; hemelytral membrane translucent, veins brown.
26) Additionally, the contribution of glass ionomer's adhesive properties in the apical third of a canal has been theorized but not demonstrated in the literature.
Pygidium of male convex at apical third with large tubercle or slightly bituberculate; median depressions on median transverse line; punctuate apical strip (fig.
Female genitalia: sterigma formed by a rectangular lamella antevaginalis and an inverted U-shaped postvaginalis lamella; ductus bursae thinned, with apical third sclerotized and about three times length of bursa copulatrix; bursa copulatrix totally membranous, with a hook-shaped signum dorsally.
11 Basiphallus moderately narrow in apical third (viewed dorsally), with left lateral margin developed into a long, curved, ventrally-directed spine and smaller medial spine (Fig.
however, the basiphallus is more markedly narrower medially and expanded in the apical third, and the raised and spinose right sclerotised area of the distiphallus is less conspicuously developed, with three short, dark-tipped spinules.
Elytra: Short and wide, gently widened to the apical third, laterally subparallel.
Ant IV not subdivided or partially subdivided into 5 subsegments, 1 sensillum present on second third, apical third bears bristles and short setae at the tip, apical bulb absent, hooked microseta present (Fig.