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Synonyms for scar

Synonyms for scar

a mark left (usually on the skin) by the healing of injured tissue

an indication of damage

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These incidences of peri-apical granuloma and apical scar are comparatively higher than our report while that of radicular cyst is lower than our report.
The differences of their results to present study could be due to the difference in sample size, absence of apical scar and demographic changes in their clinical study.
In another study schulz found 70% peri-apical granulomas, 23% radicular cysts and 5% abscesses, 1% apical scar and 1% keratocysts in 125 samples.
Of those, 14% diagnosed previously as peri-apical granulomas were actually radicular cysts while 1% were apical scars (p < 0.
None had areas of myocardial necrosis, but two had small apical scars.