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undifferentiated tissue from which new cells are formed, as at the tip of a stem or root

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9) An additional 4 RGF family members are also expressed in the root stem cell area, suggesting redundant roles in the root apical meristem.
2003) also observed increase in number of pods by the removal of apical meristems (nipping) in pigeon pea.
To induce shoot regeneration apical meristem of Chrysanthemum were inoculated on MS medium supplemented with BAP alone (Table-1) MS media supplemented with five different concentrations of BAP (0.
Pastures deferred at elevated heights in the beginning of the fall usually have a greater number of tillers with a remaining apical meristem and, in such condition, photoassimilates are preferentially reallocated for the development and maintenance of the existing tillers (ROBSON et al.
Seedlings were cut in to 5x5 mm2 segments and the explants were comprised of cotyledon leaf, apical meristem, stem and roots.
Among the analyzed characteristics, the height of the apical meristem, diameter and the dry mass of underground structure, shoot and whole seedling dry mass were statistically higher in P.
Isophasic parasitism also involves the permanent invasion of the host apical meristem by the endophyte, and is associated with a special type of brooming or fasciation of the host (Kuijt, 1960; Lye, 2006).
For example, growth rates of Macrocystis blades decrease with distance from the apical meristem (Clendenning, 1971; Cerda et al.
The study present efficient shoot regeneration of fenugreek using apical meristem, and cotyledon leaf explants on different concentrations of TDZ with or without IBA.
Apical dominance occurs when the apical meristem produces compounds that prevent the axillary meristems (see the discussion later in this section) from developing.
In plants, new cells are produced only in apical meristem and lateral meristem.
0 mm stem diameter proximal to the apical meristem, which is the average bite diameter of shoots browsed by moose in the study area (Carson et al.
He then examines the patterning of plant components in detail, describing the patterning of the angiosperm embryo, the shoot apical meristem, the patterning of roots, the vegetative shoot and transition to flowering, the angiosperm leaf and the patterning of flowers and their members.
As explained in Barthelemy and Caraglio (2007), organogenesis results from the functioning of undifferentiated cells constituting the apical meristem and located at the tip of axes.
Apical dominance refers to the effect the apical meristem has on the growth of axillary meristems.