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Synonyms for infection

Synonyms for infection

(phonetics) the alteration of a speech sound under the influence of a neighboring sound

(medicine) the invasion of the body by pathogenic microorganisms and their multiplication which can lead to tissue damage and disease

an incident in which an infectious disease is transmitted

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the communication of an attitude or emotional state among a number of people


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moral corruption or contamination

(international law) illegality that taints or contaminates a ship or cargo rendering it liable to seizure

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Hypodontia with failing endodontic treatment in the adjacent first permanent molar Patient 3 a 14 year old girl presented with concerns regarding the lower left quadrant where the lower first permanent molar (FDI 36) had persistent apical infection following root-canal therapy after a carious pulpal exposure (Figure 3a).
Pa- tient was followed up every 3 months till one year no signs of recurrence of apical infection were noted.
Toxicity from mercury amalgams and root canals is obvious; less apparent are the apical infections that actually cause or complicate serious chronic diseases.
It is well known that increased resorption tendency of the primary teeth can occur in connection with dental caries and apical infections [Haralabakis et al; 1994].