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a natural opening or perforation through a bone or a membranous structure

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Working length was determined using a K-file #10, until it reached the apical foramen, subtracting 1 mm from this measurement.
0 mm from the length that a 10 K type file was first visible at the apical foramen.
The location of the actual apical foramen in primary teeth, which are in the process of physiological root resorption, poses a great challenge to clinicians [Sim, 2004].
2006d] similarily described how the size of the apical foramen is the strongest healing predictor for the pulp in luxated teeth, while contusion of the apical part of the pulp in mature teeth reduced the chance of revascularisation.
The width of the apical foramen and the length of the root canal were measured on radiographs taken at the time of injury [Andreasen et al.