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symptom consisting of a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue

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Macrophage cell activation with acute apical abscess contents determined by interleukin-1 Beta and tumor necrosis factor alpha production.
One step pulp revascularization treatment of an immature permanent tooth with chronic apical abscess: A case report.
Caption: Figure 3: IOPA showing Root canals of 11 and 21 filled with Calcium hydroxide and iodoform (metapex) beyond the apex with the intention to resolve peri apical abscess and the access cavity was restored with temporary restorative material
Lin, "Histologic study of a human immature permanent premolar with chronic apical abscess after revascularization/revitalization," Journal of Endodontics, vol.
Based on the following clinical and radiographic examinations, diagnosis of reversible pulpitis, irreversible pulpitis, periapical periodontitis and acute apical abscess can be made clearly.
Diagnosis of acute apical abscess was arrived at, based on the clinical and radiographic examination.