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situated at an apex

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Distribution of mucous cells was found to be higher in the marginal mantle than those in the apical mantle.
The fact that inflorescence apical meristems generally possess a characteristic cellular configuration, as distinct from either the vegetative apical meristem or the floral apical menstem, is one of the strongest lines of evidence that inflorescences are distinct entities, rather than merely a transitional stage in the life of the plant.
The IP from Apical includes the full ISP, which performs the auto-exposure, auto-gain, and auto-white balancing that contribute to clear video images in extreme low-light and bright-light conditions.
Our partnership with Apical for the first time enables us to provide a reliable, cost-effective cloud camera service which leads the market in terms of camera intelligence," said Herman Yau, co-founder and CEO of Tend.
On the dorsal apical edge, nearly all species of Neoplea have a lobe-like projection, here designated the dorsal lobe of the 1st gonapophysis (Fig.
Apical has been featured in the Tech Track 100 list for three consecutive years, as well as The Sunday Times' BT SME Export Track 100 list of leading UK exporters.
I, II, III, anterior, median, posterior (leg, tarsomere); DD, LL, dorsal disc, lateral lobe of pronotum; FW, forewing; F, femur; T, tibia; apical spurs of TIII: iad, iam, iav, inner apical dorsal, medium and ventral; oad, oam, oav, outer apical dorsal, medium and ventral.
Cardiac catheterisation revealed unobstructed coronary arteries and a reduced left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) of <35%, with basal hyperkinesia and apical segment ballooning (Figs 2-5).
An echocardiogram showed moderately decreased left ventricular systolic function with an ejection fraction of 35% to 39% and akinesis of the septal wall and apical region.
The consequences of the loss of coronal seal are well established: a communication is established between the oral cavity and the periapex or periodontium through a lateral canal or the apical foramen [1].
The high level of CD24 expression with loss of apical localization is a marker for stromal invasion and high tumor grade in UC.
2+] gradient is thought to play a role in maintaining apical dominance by inhibiting branch formation at the apex of a hyphal tip (Schmid & Harold 1988).
Key Words: tako-tsubo, transient left ventricular dysfunction, apical ballooning, mural thrombus, stress cardiomyopathy, reversible cardiomyopathy