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a shed containing a number of beehives


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There were also stalls for apiarists to showcase their wide variety of products.
The importation and dissemination of Russian bees, and their increasing acceptance among apiarists, offers a promising means of combating at least one major factor of CCD, and thus helping to ensure the continued cornucopia of an American farmland whose global importance will only grow along with the world's booming human population.
To increase honey production, itinerant apiarists opt for other stations not depending on the study area, including:
Since then, I have learned something that apiarists have apparently long known, namely that both queen and worker bees at certain times emit a variety of loud, distinctive sounds collectively known as "piping.
The Syrian government support to the individual initiatives of the bee apiarists and associations led to increasing the bee hives to 601,979 in 2010 compared to 595,394 in 2009.
Every spring, hundreds of commercial apiarists load their trucks with humming hives and head out for the apple orchards and fruit gardens of the country.
82) Modern apiarists have similarly witnessed an alarming increase in unexplainable deaths of whole colonies of bees and refer to this phenomenon as Colony Collapse Disorder.
This old journal holds a lot of precious pieces of advice for the apiarists.
Despite fears the population of bees was plummeting due to disease and loss of habitat, the British Beekeepers Association has seen an increase in their numbers due to a growing popularity in hobby apiarists.
In response to the surge of aspiring apiarists, the body has increased the number of training courses it offers and is advertising for a beekeeping trainer.
The trees are also known as Lindens or Limes, and apiarists call them honey or bee-trees.
The effects of bee-killing wasps on hives could be discussed with local apiarists.
Some apiarists are romantics who enrolled in beekeeping classes after reading AoThe Secret Life of BeesAo and fantasizing about amber jars of honey.
He said two other Liberal Democrat members were avid apiarists themselves.