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a shed containing a number of beehives


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The number of the apiarists in Syria estimated at 20,000 as about 30,000 families work in this career.
Like many apiarists, he is worried about how the bees will survive during winter and how the weather may affect the hive.
Apiarists are buzzing with talk that their hives could be in tip-top shape when the cold weather eventually retreats.
Some apiarists are romantics who enrolled in beekeeping classes after reading AoThe Secret Life of BeesAo and fantasizing about amber jars of honey.
He said two other Liberal Democrat members were avid apiarists themselves.
30 (VOI) -- Head of the Iraqi beekeepers association on Saturday said that his association received an invitation to participate in the 6th annual Arab apiarists meeting that will be held in March 2009 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Apiarists from Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Scotland, Wales, England, and New Zealand have all reported cases of CCD.
Now, state bee inspectors and commercial apiarists have a fast, new way to check Varroa mites for resistance to coumaphos, one of the chemicals used to rid hives of these blood-sucking parasites.
Among apiarists, it is commonly believed that extended fire-free periods are required for kwongan to achieve maximum nectar and pollen production (van der Moezel et al.
It is a serious problem for farmers as well as apiarists (beekeepers) since fruit and vegetable crops are dependent on honeybees for pollination.
The Russian queens are fueling considerable excitement among apiarists, says Troy Fore of the American Bee-keeping Federation in Jesup, Ga.
Since time immemorial honey has been promoted as a remedy for many illnesses in Arabia where apiarists enjoyed almost regal status in local society.
Only about 20 percent of all apiarists make half their earnings or more from keeping bees, and barely 4 percent depend solely on bees for income.