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a farmer who keeps bees for their honey

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Tanca, the Franciscan apiarist, embodied graciousness, civility and love.
However beekeepers are still complaining more problems such apiarist training and bees treatment lack, weather conditions (dry and strong wind or "chergui", sharp decline of temperature or "jriha"), aphids competition, bee pests like rats and frogs .
BONUS WINNER: ALDO IMPONENTI, GREENOCK, INVERCLYDE ACROSS DOWN 1 Common garden bird (9) 7 Depart (5) 8 Equine animal (5) 9 Cooked chicken leg (9) 10 Of great significance (9) 13 Name of Ronald Reagan's wife (5) 14 Furious (5) 15 Lucky (9) 2 Cache, store (5) 3 Rate of occurrence (9) 4 Small Welsh dog popular with the royal family (5) 5 Small area of land rented for cultivation (9) 6 Apiarist (9) 8 One who studies the past (9) 11 Juicy tropical fruit (5) 12 Well-dressed or clever (5) SOLUTION to Crossword November 18 ACROSS 1 Cosmonaut; 6 Ian; 7 Hislop; 10 Inundate; 12 Fluoride; 14 Impair; 15 Quo; 16 Sleepless.
Revived by Cameron to encourage the "big society" and reward volunteering, BEM recipients included waitress Patricia Carter, for services to the hospitality industry, apiarist Geoffrey Hopkinson, for services to beekeeping, and many others who were involved with local community work, charities, and sports.
Sibiu turned a center for beekeeping culture, where many journals and brochures on beekeeping were printed: Manual of Beekeeping by Ion Costin, which recommended the Langstroth beehive; The Book of the Apiarist by Romu Simu, and another book by Augustin Degan; C.
their risk of exposure to contagious diseases, and an apiarist who keeps
The active apiarist has been keeping three hives in the back garden of his fiancee's home for the past year, although it's not been without its problems.
It also accused Luhkov, an avid apiarist, of caring more about his bees than the people of Moscow, and alleged he donated more money to beekeepers than to residents affected by the smog of August's forest fires.
Around 80,000 to 120,000 of these tiny 'bio-detectives' are taken care of by the airport's apiarist, Ingo Fehr, and the test works because environmental damage to plants blossoming in the vicinity of the airport indicates impurity in the air.
He is currently creating new "nuclei hives" - small, starter hives costing around pounds 75 - to meet demand from apiarist who need to restock.
IT WAS the annual dinner of the United Kingdom and Ireland Apiarist Society, and the 300 beekeepers had an ordinary dinner, listened to some ordinary speeches, then adjourned to the withdrawing room to get plastered.
Those greenhouses stress the bees, says Dennis vanEngelsdorp, Pennsylvania's acting state apiarist.
Before 1980, a loss of 10% of the bee population"would have been embarrassing," to a beekeeper, said Dennis vanEngelsdorp, Pennsylvania's acting state apiarist.
Junction City apiarist Ethan Bennett says after leaving plenty of honey for over-wintering, he harvests about 40 pounds of honey from each of his 28 hives.
Graeme Sharp, head apiarist of the Scottish College of Agriculture at Auchincruive, near Ayr, said: "This has been our worst year in memory.