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a farmer who keeps bees for their honey

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Tanca, the Franciscan apiarist, embodied graciousness, civility and love.
Despite fears the population of bees was plummeting due to disease and loss of habitat, the British Beekeepers Association has seen an increase in their numbers due to a growing popularity in hobby apiarists.
Around 80,000 to 120,000 of these tiny 'bio-detectives' are taken care of by the airport's apiarist, Ingo Fehr, and the test works because environmental damage to plants blossoming in the vicinity of the airport indicates impurity in the air.
He is currently creating new "nuclei hives" - small, starter hives costing around pounds 75 - to meet demand from apiarist who need to restock.
IT WAS the annual dinner of the United Kingdom and Ireland Apiarist Society, and the 300 beekeepers had an ordinary dinner, listened to some ordinary speeches, then adjourned to the withdrawing room to get plastered.
Those greenhouses stress the bees, says Dennis vanEngelsdorp, Pennsylvania's acting state apiarist.
Before 1980, a loss of 10% of the bee population"would have been embarrassing," to a beekeeper, said Dennis vanEngelsdorp, Pennsylvania's acting state apiarist.
Junction City apiarist Ethan Bennett says after leaving plenty of honey for over-wintering, he harvests about 40 pounds of honey from each of his 28 hives.
Graeme Sharp, head apiarist of the Scottish College of Agriculture at Auchincruive, near Ayr, said: "This has been our worst year in memory.
CALA called on keen apiarist Professor Phillip Banfill, from Heriot Watt University, to serve a polite eviction notice.
Seventeenth-century records kept in Oman indicate that the illustrious Imam Saif bin Sultan was a keen apiarist keeping bees in the lush gardens of his fortress in Rustaq.
In addition to taking beekeeping classes, I joined an apiarist association.
Diana Cox-Foster, Head of the CCD working group; Dennis vanEngelsdorp, State Apiarist for Pennsylvania; and David Hackenberg, the beekeeper who first alerted officials on the massive die-offs of bees, among others.
Ana Cabrera, pollinator safety and varroa mite research scientist; Sarah Myers, apiarist and event manager, Bee Care Center; Kim Huntzinger, bee health laboratory diagnostic specialist; Sadye Howald, field apiarist in Indiana; and Jim Dempster, apiarist at Eastern Bee Care Center Technology Station in Clayton, N.
Finally, Neil, on the question of freebies, if you have lots of bees in your bonnet, phone a local apiarist who will come and collect them free and probably give you a few jars of honey gratis.