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a shed containing a number of beehives


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The plan involved a presentation of the oak and locust tree forest, the vineyard and the cultivated soil; the five existent agricultural centers, represented by red colored rings, the sixth sub-center, planed to be realized in the future, such is the forest range from Dabuleni--marked by a circle hachured with red; the apiarian centre from Ocolna, hachured with blue.
Experimentation of apiarian preparations for the direct and indirect capping of the dental pulp," Stomatologie.
In a similar manner, the "snuffe / of wasting candles" picks up on the image of "heires melting with luxurie" and adds to Donne's field of depleted, monastic imagery, even taking Coke's apiarian encomium to its logical conclusion.
The Moore Honeyhouse is a new addition to an apiarian smallholding near the top of Little Terrapin Mountain in North Carolina.
Her subject is the honeybee and its systems of communicating and mapping space--an apiarian analogue, perhaps, for the spirit of the hive as evidenced in our own attempts to map and navigate our wired universe.