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a desire for heterosexual intimacy

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It all revolves around the Aphrodisia, a riotous three-day festival where -- according to a recent BBC article, which cites the celebration as an ancient form of sex tourism -- "having sex with strangers was not only possible but obligatory: hordes of pilgrims who came to Aphrodite's shrine would evoke her name before having intercourse with her temple maids.
No deja de ser sugerente el comentario de Christian Jambet en torno al modo en que la problematizacion foucaulteana de la aphrodisia pondra en juego al dispositivo de la Encarnacion:
Griegos Estoicos Primeros romanos cristianos Ontologia Aphrodisia Aphrodisia Carne, deseo Deontologia Eleccion Reconocimiento Ley divina estetico- de si mismos politica como seres universales y racionales Ascetica tekhne sobre Autodominio Autodescifra- el cuerpo miento, autoexamen Teleologia Dominio de si Imperturbabilidad Inmortalidad, mismo (tomando (dominio de si pureza en cuenta no mismo, no en solo a uno relacion al mismo sino gobierno de los tambien a otros, sino a los otros) causa de que se es un ser racional) Modernidad Ontologia Cuerpo Sustancia etica Deontologia Norma Sujecion Ascetica Disciplinamiento Trabajo etico Teleologia Normalidad, Telos sujeto juridico
Small publishers that specialize in erotic romance have been successful and growing for fifteen plus years now, and in the past decade, New York publishers recognized the market and many started their own erotic romance lines like Heat (Berkley) and Aphrodisia (Kensington) and Spice (Harlequin).
Our Aphrodisia Chocolate has six aphrodisiac-herbs, including horny goat weed.
Frente al manejo del cuerpo y la sexualidad, los griegos eran muy cuidadosos con el uso de los placeres que se denominaban como aphrodisia (Foucault, 1993), ya que su uso indebido los llevaria a la intemperancia y por lo tanto la perdida del gobierno de si.
It was first effected by Alexander of Aphrodisia (active in the late second and early third century CE) who was followed by the sixth-century commentator, Olympiodorus, and the Byzantine scholar Michael of Ephesus, though by this time the conflation had long been established in the Arabic tradition of commentary.
Ian Williams, trainer of Aphrodisia "She ran well on the track last time out and the step up in trip shouldn't be a bother.
Horses to follow: Absinthe, Alnama, Aphrodisia, Aux Le Bahnn, Bensalem, Bin Shamardal, Carcinetto, Crown Choice, Esuvia, Gilbarry, Gracious melange, Ice Diva, Ikorodu Road, Jack The Blaster, Jedi, Johney Foley, Last Of The Bunch, Madame Mado, Monkton Vale, Moose Moran, Omaruru, Plymouth Rock, Ranjobaie, Salut Flo, Southern Regent, Spirit Of Adjisa, The Gossmoor Yank, Toubab.
Greenwich Village's Aphrodisia Herb Shoppe at 264 Bleecker Street has closed.
Aphrodisia provided a late burst of excitement with the 7-4 favourite sweeping through in the final strides to claim the Williamhill.
Paris, Idaho This transposes to APHRODISIA, a W3 term defined as sexual desire especially when violent.
I put up Maghya as a potential equal as I really rated a Gosden horse called Baby Houseman and Maghya left her standing at HQ last time Aphrodisia came third that day giving weight away, now she gets a massive pull in the weights plus another seven pounds off due to the fact she is ridden by new up and coming jockey sensation David Probert.