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Synonyms for aphoristic

precisely meaningful and tersely cogent

Synonyms for aphoristic

containing aphorisms or maxims


terse and witty and like a maxim

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There are moments of sentence-to-sentence integration in Premonition, providing glimpses of story, setting, or discourse, but more often the text reads like a string of aphoristic statements loosely connected by association.
"SIMPLICITY," MY aphoristic mother-in-law used to say, sometimes with virtually no provocation, "is the keynote of elegance." If the dear lady were still around, I'd invite her to the Wooster Group's Early Shaker Spirituals, a performance that would confirm the veracity of that oft-cited maxim, and would entertain her socks off in the bargain.
This intriguing, enigmatic collection is divided into three sections of very short pieces which have an epigrammatic or aphoristic quality.
Standouts include "Holly," which features lovers walking through snow, and ends with an abrupt, bold turn that connects a personal moment to the wider world: "the blood of uncertain history is on our hands." Another effective poem, "Building Blocks," presents a series of aphoristic lines that reveal simple, thought-provoking views.
His aphoristic style undergirds a profound and provocative approach to fundamental theological questions.
Employing an aphoristic, almost Nietzschean, style of prose, Charlton issues a jeremiad against "political correctness," which he identifies as a product of the left (whether socialists, communists, liberals, etc.) but as also currently infecting the center and the right, perpetuated by the mass media and an intellectual elite and representing a "triumph of the left" that threatens to unravel modernity itself.
Rohr's best observations are always aphoristic and incisive, reflecting not mere intellectual cleverness, but profound contemplative experience.
Now starts the harder part," ran an aphoristic turn in his speech.
WE can normally rely on Dr Johnson to hit the aphoristic nail on the head, but I feel increasingly unsure about his assertion that a man who is tired of London is tired of life.
There is nothing new here, either in its affirmations or its critiques, but the author has a wry way of expressing what are largely aphoristic observations, with a cute turn of phrase.
Rakoff's writing was aphoristic, and Vidal loved a clever turn of phrase: When a critic called Vidal's work "meretricious," Vidal replied, "Meretricious to you, and a happy new year."
a) The gnomic or aphoristic appears in isolated maxims.
Weil had a gift for expressing universal truths in an aphoristic form that invites continued meditation.