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Synonyms for aphoristic

precisely meaningful and tersely cogent

Synonyms for aphoristic

containing aphorisms or maxims


terse and witty and like a maxim

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Years later he wrote in the Philosophical Investigations another aphoristic statement: "If a lion could speak, we would not understand him [Wenn der Lowe sprechen konnte, wir konnten ihn nicht verstehen].
We had a quirky interlude with a few many-sided songs by Charles Ives, some aphoristic, some Germanically romantically wannabe by the American, all so sympathetically delivered, but the immediate bursting in to Britten's Winter Words Thomas Hardy settings was a mistake.
Schwarz's own writing is enviably aphoristic (see, for example, "Misogyny dismisses constant women as figments of a hopeful imagination, but patrilineal succession relies on their substantial presence" [110]).
There is nothing new here, either in its affirmations or its critiques, but the author has a wry way of expressing what are largely aphoristic observations, with a cute turn of phrase.
Rakoff's writing was aphoristic, and Vidal loved a clever turn of phrase: When a critic called Vidal's work "meretricious," Vidal replied, "Meretricious to you, and a happy new year.
The three chapters completing the collection (Part V) are written by linguists and philologists and treat this topic from the point of view of toponymy and aphoristic phrase etymology.
Greven selectively makes use of an aphoristic style -- "narcissism is a Life force, masochism a Death force" (48) -- which opens his discussion to possibilities few scholars have envisioned to date.
In other words, if we are talking about underlying themes, evocations, and aphoristic truths, we are in at least the second level of embedment, for, to take in this vignette we have to become aware of the speaker's anticipation of a certain response on the part of the reader.
Weil had a gift for expressing universal truths in an aphoristic form that invites continued meditation.
Metzer follows Nono's suggestion that the fragments of his quartet were explicitly not aphoristic in proposing that fragments need not be self-enclosed statements, but rather can propose to the listener a window onto potentially infinite meanings.
Ruddick has a wonderful expose of the early motif of "courtship with a club," and his frequent quotations from Roy Lewis's wonderfully funny pf novel What We Did to Father (1960; aka The Evolution Man) includes Father's aphoristic attempt to stop premature feminism: "Woman's place is in the cave.
If Frye considers literature a rhetorical analogue of sacred truth, or a "secular scripture," Shaw establishes kerygma as a parameter of various conjunctions and transmissions of oracular and aphoristic texts in Western and Eastern religious, philosophical, and literary traditions.
After 1945 Saba's poetic production increasingly alternates with memoirs, aphoristic writings, and moral tales in which individual history is painted against the backdrop of collective memory.
Perhaps Paige's most endearing traits were his aphoristic wit, the tail tales he told about himself, his generosity to other players, and his love for his third wife, Dahomey, and their children.
He has gradually developed a unique style, aphoristic and fragmentary, blending elements of the novel, essay, historical, and autobiographical genres.