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someone who formulates aphorisms or who repeats aphorisms

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PARIS IS WHERE the 20th century was," declared that eccentric raconteur and occasional aphorist, Gertrude Stein.
Equal parts intellectual firebrand and witty aphorist, he called out colleagues who failed to see the resemblance between the totalitarianism of Stalin and Mao and the right-wing totalitarianism of the Third Reich; dared to defend Western capitalism by praising the "ground-beef hamburgers, French fries and salads" at McDonald's; and, at the same time, coined adages that could quickly enter the lexicon of any right-thinking person.
But Porter is also a gifted aphorist, and aphorisms are built to stand alone.
Dobrenko is an inventive aphorist, and the basic premise of his book gives his wit ample scope.
PHILADELPHIA, the home of founder and aphorist Ben Franklin, has taken an old cliche--"penny wise, pound foolish"--to a new level The city doesn't want to spring for real speed bumps, so it's hoping fake ones will do the trick, despite hard evidence that they won't make any difference.
As the eighteenth-century German scientist and aphorist Georg Christoph] Lichtenberg [wrote in one of his "waste books"]: "He could split a thought which everyone considered simple into seven others, as a prism splits sunlight; and each one of them always surpassed the one before.
Even as a man of letters, as a leading aphorist and Tacitist in his day, Antonio Perez has remained underrated in Spain.
The parallel between Wilde and Barthes is present throughout the essay, and the terms in which Barthes is lauded are often, as already mentioned, those which either were inaugurated by, or are generally used to designate, Wilde (the critic as artist, the aphorist, the professor of taste, and so on).
The aphorist and (so to coin) the witticist practice
His leading roles in this book, which begins with his childhood and ends just before his death, include aphorist, ironist, aesthete, ruthless politicker, publicist, portraitist, critic, would-be bon vivant, sick boy, and then some.
Chesterton And Evil by Mark Knight (Lecturer in the School of English and Modern Languages at the Roehampton University of Surrey, England) provides contemporary readers with an informed and informative analysis of the writings of poet, journalist, critic, biographer, novelist, aphorist, Gilbert Keith Chesterton with an especial focus upon Chesterton's attitudes with the problem of evil in contemporary society.
But it is also occasionally true, as American aphorist Mason Cooley noted, "People who expect deference resent mere civility.
The aphorist Mason Cooley once quipped, "Self-sacrifice usually contains an unspoken demand for payment.
Sadly, being an aphorist is often a thankless endeavor.