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apoapsis in solar orbit

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Neither Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus nor Neptune reach perihelion or aphelion during the year.
The comet's aphelion distance (farthest point from the sun) extends out near the orbit of Jupiter and its orbit has been perturbed several times by the giant planet's gravitational pull over the past 200 years.
Al Ain: The earth was on Thursday at the most distant point of the year from the Sun, called Aphelion, but yet it was one of the hottest days in emirates with mercury shooting up to 48 degree Celsius in some internal areas.
where D represents aphelion distance, Mp represents mass and a is a parameter whose values depend on c in the respective cases.
At its most distant - called aphelion - the distance is 252,088 miles.
Aphelion, a solutions provider for the banking industry, has announced that Finland-based Pohjola Bank Plc (HEL:POH1S), has chosen its Quasar eFX product suite.
If the earth was propelled in its orbit by some magnetical force from the rotating sun, then the earth should travel more swiftly when it was closer to the sun (at its perihelion) in January and more slowly at its aphelion in July.
The image analysis software APHELION (copyright ADCIS SA.
MANAMA: Aphelion Solutions has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the National Institute for Industrial Training (NIIT) to start SAP training courses in Bahrain.
The point furthest away from the Sun is called aphelion.
Dowling, Twilight Beach, Adelaide, Aphelion Publications, 1993; G.
A performance like this made it very easy to underestimate the rigours of a programme that unwittingly exposed the delicacies of an unaccompanied Bach Siciliano and Jeremy Pike's abstract and austere Aphelion to the tedium generated by Sutton Coldfield Philharmonic Society's opening 'housekeeping' announcements, and closed with a daunting stylistic leap from Bruch to Gershwin, and stamina-sapping encores.
But when the atmosphere contains little or no dust near aphelion -- the more typical state of affairs, he asserts -- water vapor easily condenses into ice crystals, forming low-lying clouds in abundance.
Its near point to the Sun is called its perihelion and its far point, its aphelion.
Joe Adams, Partner, EKS&H * Robert Chicoski, Partner, Saturn Partners * Mike Handley, Senior Managing Partner & Executive Director, Level 5 Partners * Ned Scheetz, Managing Director, Aphelion Capital * Michael Weiner, Partner, Dorsey